BBC shafting us....again!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    THE cost of a TV licence is set to rise by around £30 to £162 a year, it was revealed last night.

    Viewers would be happy to pay that amount to fund the BBC, according to research commissioned by the Government. But critics said such an enormous increase would be unjustified and unfair.

    Well,I suppose they have to find the money for those sh1te reality shows somewhere....Just wish it was'nt us who foot the bill!!!
  2. What a bloody rip off, the only thing I watch on BBC is the early morning news, the rest is crap. :x
  3. The question i'd like to ask is why do they call it a licence when its a bloody tax!
  4. Slick, if you only watch the tv in the morning, do as I do and bin the bugger and watch ITN news on the web.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'd love to know who the 'viewers' that'd be happy to pay such a extorsionate ammount are.Personally,I'd like to see it based on the amount of tv you view per week.Maybe if those couch spuds on the dole who spend all day in front of the goggle box might get off their collective arrse's & get a job IF they had to pay thru the nose for their viewing!
  6. I see an election winning policy waiting to happen here .

    Simply promise to bin the TV licence .

    Cut all ties with the BBC and let them become self funding through the digital channels and the plethora of programs they flog around the world .

    I imagine it would swing the election .
  7. I think they are just grabbing what they can now , knowing it ( TV licence) will be scrapped in a few years time when somebody starts online TV. The lefty Brit hating cnuts !!! I can handle paying income, council (just about) tax but the TV tax, sorry, licence really grips my sh1t. Concidering the amount of bile the bbc chuck out. Will someone please invent a telly which wont accept any bbc channels. I,d buy it !!!! ..............

    BARMAN....... 2 pints of smooth over ere please !!!

  8. Aye and we be paying it for 'em becuase of their 'back injury' that keeps them from doing any work!

    Like the election winner tho' Trooper! Try explaining to foreigners namely er indoors why we pay to watch the box!
    Its better than watching the telly listening to er go on!
  9. The BBC should be government funded, via a smaller national tax. The TV license is and has been ineffective for decades.

    However the BBC is very much worth keeping around, and is considered the worlds number one broadcaster for a reason. We just need to sort out a proper way to fund it, and going commercial isnt an answer.
  10. After seeing the crap they put on, 'how do you solve a problem like Maria?' fcuking shite.

    Buggers broadcasting communism.
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I worked at the Beeb for a while, had the concept of 'flat management' explained to me, it was truly an epiphany :wink:
  12. No but wait,

    Those BBc comedies are great, Little miss Jocelyn, 3 non blondes, titty titty bang bang.

    All of them exceptional pieces of..........

    .........oops they are are scheizer too!
  13. Yes - that reason is past glories. It is now consistently garbage, lowest common denominator reality smut, and left-wing communist propaganda. It is no longer 'the world's number one broadcaster', merely the only one given so much British tax-payers' money that it doesn't have to try. It is not worth keeping around in its current form, and should be burnt to the ground tomorrow.
  14. For me the BBC is great, I work overseas and make good use of their online services, BBC news and sport and online radio. I also have access to bbc prime tv channel and bbc world (thats crap though).
    Top gear is worth the licence fee alone.
    I agree with the comments on "something about maria" and other programmes like Strictly come dancing. They are trying to compete with the trash from itv.
  15. If it wasn't for my kids I'd see no reason to have a TV. Man cannot live on ARRSE and radio alone! I can...