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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Akira, Mar 30, 2005.

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    Seems an awful lot of complaints just to be ignored. On an additional note does the ITC stand for Independent televison (makers) commission or the Independent (and therefore not biased) television commission. Whilst I am sick of people banging the Human rights act, I find myself strangley drawn towards this case or do I merley hate paying my licence fee to be told what I am watching, and fund various Yoof programmes, and anti mil news stories.
  2. Akira,

    Given that the Beeb had already conducted a thorough compaints proceedure before the oprea was aired - it is not a surpise that they came the conclusions they did.

    There was plenty of publicity so no-one should have been offened as if you don't like it, don't watch it. It is same crap as the sikh play in B'ham and Salman Rushide and Van Gough in NL.

    Either they are all offensive or they offensive but an accepted part of our culture.

    Rant Over
  3. So the BBC conducts its own enquiry and finds for itself, OK I can live with that. Don't watch, totally agree. My point is can we now look forward to an adaptation of Satanic verses or a broadcast of the recent play everyone got so worked up about, IMO no, probably not. I still think 55,000 odd complaints (there must have been more than the usual bible bashers voting methinks) is a huge number.
  4. Or was it Bible bashers learning from the US and getting the campaign going on the internet, don't forget I think one tabloid was involved as well. how many complaints were recieved after the performance?

    I didn't watch it as I had better things to do, but hey I did not watch Wagners latest opera over easter either. Just cos I don't watch it does not mean it should have been shown. At the end of the Day the Beeb has charter to show a range of stuff inc modern opera/theatre. Better than the dross the fills must of ITVs schedule.
  5. Yep I get your point, however, I was talking about the play the muslims were on about. I'm all for the BBC showing a range of programmes but I still think I'll be waiting for a satanic verses mini series.
  6. 55,000 complaints...BEFORE the show was even aired.

    Just about says it all for me. It's about time the religous zealots were told to shut up.
  7. Yes, it was the usual bible bashers 'voting' 3 or 4 times, and some of the sadder ones hundreds of times...
  8. And you know this how?
  9. This is pretty straight forward censorship. I wonder how many of those trying to stop the Springer opera from airing were amongst the many who condemned the Sikhs (or Muslims, can't remember which now) from stopping a Birmingham theatre showing a controversial show about their religion? (Which ever one it was).

    Also interesting to note that for this one show 55,000 complaints were registered. Seems an awful lot really, given the amount of tripe Channel 4 have shown in the last couple of years alone.

    The ultimate censorship is the TV button. And, that, ultimately, won. Whatever conclusions the BBC draws from this, it was a ratings flop - especially considering the publicity the BBC got for the show. Most of which was free, from the likes of the Daily Mail and other national media sources. If a show only gets 4 million with all that beforehand, it is a failure. Simple as.

    So the viewers got their way. No-one watched it who didn't want to.
  10. Quite liked the Opera myself "Three nipple cousin fecker" still makes me snigger whenever I see inbred Yank God-botherers on the telly.
    Douglas Adams (Is there an artificial God - The Salmon of Doubt, 2002 Macmillan, pp141) once pointed out that we're allowed - even expected - to mock or question any idea providing it's not related to Religion no matter how daft or irrelevent or demonstrably wrong it is. If an idea related to someones beliefs we're not supposed to question it for fear of giving offence.

    Is there an Artificial God - Transcript