BBC Scotland series on joining the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EX_STAB, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. A bit of a wasted opportunity this from what I've seen. It follows some female recruits joining via the Summer Challenge route. Voiced over in Gaelic, presumably to justify the existence of the relevant BBC unit. I've never heard anyone speaking Gaelic in my family who are from the Hebrides and west coast.

    Hearing an interview with one it sounds like she found the Gaelic was more of a struggle than anything else.

    BBC iPlayer - Caileagan an Airm: Episode 4
  2. I actually couldn't watch, all this shows is the image that the TA is trying to get away from it's depicted like combat camping, the berets make me cringe! Why do they make out that Phase 1 training is like SAS Selection ffs?! She binned after 10 days because she's weak
  3. I've not seen it but that's what the first ex is, literally combat camping, it's called as Ice Breaker and that's what it is, an intro to living in the field.
  4. Broadcasting that there falling asleep and corporals having a crafty fag in plane view of a camera, pride of the TA
  5. To be honest, a lot of the TA nowadays is crap, sad to say. :(
  6. some stabs are very good, just like the reg army, some shite, some good, and some of the reg snco's -psi,s are a disgrace to the reg army

    once reg, now stab and proud......
  7. Am sure this was made in 2009, as it was on the non hexi telly earlier this year.
  8. Some of those berets look simply fantastic. The one at 3:05 being the prime example.
  9. I cannae see it ! :-(
  10. I'd smash their back doors in, who'd join me for a high five tag team.
  11. Like Boxy, I've not seen it either.

    Any programme on TV, or in any of the reporting media will find an angle and play with it. It suits their purposes.

    It came as a shock to me on "weekend 3" as was, to discover that there were lads - never mind the lassies - who had never spent a night out in the cuds in their life.

    When they heard the rumours about the "Beast of the Pentlands", some were visibly apprehensive.

    To ease their fears the DS went out of their way to reassure them that the rumours were unfounded.

    They explained that it was a Big Cat - not an aged returner in a cypress green bunnet with an 80's porno tache.

  12. i see WALKING!!!!! and lots of it!!!!!
    this musta been last years one, we were told that on CIC a reporter was to follow us,but we didn't see him/her