BBC says nice things about Army ration packs

I've always been a big fan of Army ration packs - I think they're great for what they are, do and cost. But then I'm a crazed megalomaniac, so minor perversions such as this shouldn't surprise anyone. Six weeks eating nothing but menu D hasn't dimmed my ardour.

Now it seems that the BBC has taken a shine to them, too. Maybe it's because they're being used for a fluffy humanitarian purpose this time.

Anyway, in case any of those responsible for producing the things and/or getting them to us feel like they need a little love, here's the link:


Might start a new line in food. Louisianna Corned Beef Hash. Alligator Madras. The scope is endless.
Corned beef hash is already made from alligator pickled in toxic chemicals. With a pinch of salt and some Worcester sauce.
Is It right that some of these ORPs are Arctic Rations ???? Well I suppose they have an abundance of the missing Ingridient
ps brings a new meaning to Mississippi Mud Pie(careful what you eat m'dears

knew I should have previewed it


War Hero
I suppose if all the Oatmeal Blocks were removed from the ratpacks, they could be used to plug the levvies, then the ones left over
broken up and used as spillsorb!!


"Even the military concede that these ration packs are a stopgap, and no substitute for a properly cooked hot meal. "

That's nice. Just exactly how long does the military consider a stop gap to be?
Will they still love them after they've been through the 2 day grunt and groan routine on the bog?
Anything that reduces the amount of floating excrement in the waters of Louisiana must be all for the good.
Isn't that the "new" ration pack?
PartTimePongo said:
Isn't that the "new" ration pack?
I must admit, that I haven't seen all of that stuff. But then I am a field dodging stab. :D
Well, the 'standard issue' stove pictured in the report is a definite improvement!
indeed, were it so that our blessed leaders dished out MSR dragonfly stoves at £100 notes a piece with every box of delights...

nice to see that the hack actually made one up himself though, it shows a significant improvement in the effort to which the usual stain will exert himself.
What's that cooker that they've implied comes as standard issue???


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Steady chaps.....remember your conditioning and chant after me:

" All journalists are reptiles. The BBC has an in-built anti Armed Forces agenda "

( For Neue Arbeit card carriers it goes:
" " All journalists are reptiles. The BBC has an in-built anti Blair agenda....stone the heretic Humphys ! "

And re the illustrated camping stove, as has been pointed out, is the journo's own kit, not issue.

BTW, what IS it with you people and the Corned Beef Hash ? Nectar of the gods that is......swap it for revolting Turkey and Herb pate anyday....

( Mind you, goats will eat the arithmetic book out of your satchel and the shirt off your back* so I guess I'm no gourmand)

It would be interesting to know whether any of the half million ratpacks have actually reached bemused Cajuns as yet.....or will they sit quietly in an Non CHE shed for 6 months and then be quietly returned to Brize with a polite thank-you note .....

Le Chevre

* especially if your name is Keira (twice) Knightley


Here's good shot of US CH47 plugging the levee with British Army ratpacks

I had my first taste of the new rats the other day and I have to say, thank god for the change. The chicken madras...happy days, bit spicy like but nice, and with the rice it actually feels like eating a real meal if you know what I mean. I ain't mega fussed about the Yorkies though, I liked hte old stuff just fine. The new sweets don't cut your tongue to ribbons either, which is a Brucey bonus.
why dont they bring back the good old dextrose sweets, kept me going for hours, and it was cheaper then speed, as for the cookers, they must be in the same batch as the issued pants, on some ones desk some where ( the letter not the pants)

half a million is that all, have u seen some of the size of them, a bloody galaxy could not lift them out!!
AHHHH !! Dextrose orange or lemon ? Break one up and sprinkle it into a can of chicken curry. It,ll clear your backside out in double quick time !!!!!!!
Mr_Deputy said:
I know .. big. I thought that was what on the end of that chinook in the pic. Big ol butt cursin' away.
No, those are her knickers.
First off, I would like to thank the British People for the gift of the ration packs. I am sure the able-bodied survivors of the Hurricane Katrina will appreciate them as they go about rebuilding their homes and lives in the areas harder hit than New Orleans that the media is not showing in their coverage. New Orleans is not representative of how most survivors are dealing with this disaster.
They should have fed all the residents large quantities of biscuits, brown on day one. On day seven they could have blocked the gaps in the levees with the gargantuan lengths of rock-hard faeces they would have to eventually strain out.

I'm confident that the need for puritabs will be radically reduced by the introduction of orange screech. That stuff will probably kill anything smaller than a cat in about three seconds.

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