BBC: Russia issues new missile threat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 4, 2007.

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  2. Why not target them at the USA? It isn't European missiles they're complaining about.
  3. Thank god
    Back to normality!
    Just like old times!
  4. Who cares where their fired from if they launch them we're screwed either way, hmmmm to live 20 seconds more or not hmmmm
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Can we assume Vladimir did not enjoy his fishing trip with the shaved chimp :?
  6. Likely he did enjoy the trip itself, but only an idiot would accept stupid explanations (threat from Iran and N.Korea).

    Let's imagine this dialogue:

    B. Well Vlad, these missiles and especially the radar are in our strategic interests. They will be used agains Russia if it would be needed. We with our allies have right to determine where and what would be installed.

    P. OK, Gorgie. No problem, Let's remain friends. Ay least I see that you are sincere with me.

    In this case the fishing trip would be very fruitfull. The Russians (and I believe not only Russians) hate lies.
  7. Um smart they still have nukes aimed at the States, all you have to do is reprogarm the targeting software doesn't take to long at all. Actually desktop it would be about 30 mins if you were at ground zero. All I can say is we should have kept the Peacekeepers, what a waste of money to pull the plug on those babies.
  8. Because - to use a manoeuvrist term - they are using strength against weakness.
  9. You do realise that any Soviet, oops, I mean Russian nuclear strike on North America would come over the North Pole, be it ICBM or SLBM?

    Sergey I think your break with logic over the last few weeks / months on a number of issues is a sad example of how even how the educated Russia that should act as the guardian of reason has lost the plot. I have a new respect for grey propaganda...
  10. Not terribly bright if they think the seppos give a toss about Europe - cheese eating surrender monkeys aren't worth the bones of one Alabama Guardsman, etc.

    It's a bit like getting anxious at the group of neds chucking bricks about, so you retaliate by lamping the old lady across the road.
  11. Sigh...ok then

    What they're doing here is trying to intimidate the Poles and Czechs into changing their minds about basing the silos on their home soil.

    What do they achieve?...

    Lots potentially - it is an indirect approach (again manoeuvrist) attacking the US without actually doing so and if (unlikely) the Poles and Czechs give in, it undermines NATO and stops the Russian perceived fear of a westward march of NATO membership ever closer to her borders.
  12. True, however the Ivans also have to realize that by screwing with the Poles and Czechs that might also make them want American troops on their soil as a tripwire ASAP.
  13. True,

    Reinforces the fact that strategy is a tricky game - if US turns up on Polish and Czech soil it emboldens the Ukrainian push for NATO membership but may also create a scenario in France and Germany similar to the Pershing/Cruise CND mania of the 1980s and thus weaken (if they could be weakened any further!) their commitment to NATO. Russia also may be looking at the current situation and be thinking that the US is heavily committed to Iraq and Afghanistan and keeping a wary eye on Iran and is therefore overcommitted (a phrase we are all too well aware of unless you are a member of the Government or work in the Ministry of Defence (Defense)). Therefore worth the risk.
  14. Understandble but the Romping Stompin Red Army of old is now the Rusting Red gang of thugs. Do remember though France and Germany have had a change in the guard, while not outright backing the US openly I don't think they would really help the Sovs that much either. Ivan however does not respect reason, he only respects strength.
  15. Do we think the Berlin posting could be on the cards again!! :D