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BBC rewrites history

Meet Robert de Beaumont first Earl of Leicester, the Norman nobleman at the battle of Hastings in the BBC's new adaptation , they've adapted it too figgin far in my opinion !

"We understand you feel it is potentially inaccurate to have the character Robert De Beaumont portrayed by Jotham Annan. This programme is an interpretation of the story and as such we don't agree that it's wrong to be able to include a broader mix of ethnicities and characters. This is just one adaption of the story and we appreciate that countless other alternative approaches exist."

The BBC.



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They did something similar last year with ( I think) The Tudors or something similar. A very young ( 14 year old) and pale and whey faced young red-haired bride of some nobleman was transformed by the BBC into a 40 something strapping black woman, totally contrary to both the written accounts of the time and contemporary portraits of the bride.
countless other alternative approaches exist."

The BBC.


One "approach" could possibly be closer to historical reality but not the BBC version of history.

Looking forward to the "alternative approach" to the Dambusters.
I'm not someone who hitherto has ranted about Political Correctness Gone Mad, but I'm very saddened by this approach to depicting history. If the BBC feel some ethnic groups are under represented in its historical drama output, go and commission some dramas about African, Asian or Latin American history. Lots of great stories out there, but I wouldn't expect them to cast Simon Callow or Emma Thompson as a Ghanaian prince.
It's a play, as long as the actor is good at h is job who give a flying fûck. As they say, they are telling a story, not presenting a documentary. Get over yourself.
The BBC are Right-On tossers far removed from the world the average Joe inhabits - they're just confirming what we already know. It makes them look more stupid and frankly it's highly insulting to the minorities when they are shoehorned into this sort of shit - why not make stuff about minorities instead? Oh yeah, NO ONE IS ******* INTERESTED AND THEY'RE NOT SPECIAL.


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They're doing a new version of 'Roots'. Kunta Kinte is going to be played by Frankie Boyle.

I can't be the only one who would pay good money to watch that :)
As long as they also include a wheel chair user and a group of hot lesbians.... hot lesbians seem to be very under represented in BBC dramas, which needs to be addressed. Poofs on the other hand are getting more than enough representation as it seems every ten minutes on Holby City, which my wife follows far too avidly, there's a camp queen licking the tonsils of some other effete right-on BBC actor
Whatever next, documentary on the Lindisfarne raid with Aynsley Harriot taking the lead?

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