BBC reporting team shot in Saudi Arabia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 7, 2004.

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  1. Another poster informs me that Frank is ex-4 RGJ. Here's hoping he pulls through.

    Condolences to the family , friends and colleagues of BBC cameraman Simon Cumbers.

    Let's hope the Saudi Police/Paramilitaries catch the assailants.

    Then again, I don't think they'd have to look very far :evil:
  2. I share your view re condolences to the families.

    However, what were they doing there?

    Latest version is that they were in a part of town known for its dodgy inhabitants and outside the home of a known AQ sympathiser to boot!!

    I'd hate to say anyone was asking for it but given the current climate in Saudi a search for a story too far?
  3. Just seen the image, who the hell shot that video.

    The more I look at what information there is on Frank's shooting, the unhappier I am.

    His Information ministry guide was separated from him and Simon and not shot?

    So either "Al-Quaeda" have now taken to killing journalists, or no one helped because they were scared of the people who really shot them.

    I'm sorry, but some things here don't seem to ring right.
  4. Well, he was doing his job. Not all journalists are sleazeballs like Piers Moron: some of them do have the guts to go to dodgy places in search of a story, and to do it properly.

    What's the story in Saudi? Well I suspect he will have been covering the real issue there, which is how the house of Saud has been paying off Wahhabi militants for fifty years, while pretending nothing was wrong, and how it's all about to bite them hard on the arrse. And it looks like he went to the right place to prove it.

    In my experience, a lot of 'war correspondents' are cretinous thrill seekers who do the job as a means of getting laid when they get home, but Frank Gardner wasn't like that: I met him socially a few weeks back in UK, and he seemed a fairly level-headed guy with no kind of death wish.
  5. ChickenPunk

    I'm still waiting for the statement from the people that shot him.

    That concerns me too. None of the usual rhetoric accompanies this incident.
  6. PtP I sense you suspect ..something? OK Let's play conspiracy theorists for a guess is ...
    As it's Saudi there'll be money and oil involved somehow (if it's not what it appears to be- a shooting in a 'rough part of town')....
    A couple more chaps for a rise of a few percent? no they wouldn't? 8O would they? :wink:
    2nd guess is that he, Frank Gardner, looking at his CV, may have trodden on someones toes.
  7. I favour the second OG , Frank stepped good and hard on someone's toes.

    Bailey, possible, so some lowlife picked up Simons Camera and used the film?

    Good grief.