BBC reporter embedded with RM In Afgh learns Marine lingo.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheBigUn, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. BBC reporter Alastair Leithhead's report from Helmand with the Royal Marines

    Link Here............

    Strange language they use these RM types!

    The Royal Marine Commandos have a language all of their own - we had to pick it up as we went along. See how you would do.

    Translate the following:

    1 - "It's REDDERS today"

    2 - "I'm THREADERS with this."

    3 - "Pass the OGGIN"

    4 - "Fancy a GOFFA"

    5 - "It's GEN"

    6 - "Spin the DIT"

    7 - "Where's the GASH bag?"

    8 - "That's HOOFIN' that is"


    1 - "It's HOT today"

    2 - "I'm FED UP with this"

    3 - "Pass the WATER"

    4 - "Fancy a FIZZY DRINK" (NB: Can also mean a punch, or to be knocked over by a wave while on board ship)

    5 - '"It's GENUINE"

    6 - "Tell me a GOOD STORY" (preferably an exaggerated one)

    7 - "Where's the RUBBISH BIN?"