BBC Report on Delapidated Accom

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by RLCQMAN, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Whilst I understand that service accom is on the whole shit (Yes, I know they are attempting to fix it over the next 10 years or so) where the hell did the BBC get those pictures from???

    Does this mean that Gen Viggers is going to spur on the process and how are we as soldiers managing the end product????

    I have read the threads on the BBC website and we are supported in the whole but slated for apparently not bothering our arses to clean up after ourselves!!!!

    Whose CoC are the soldiers who provided these pictures serving in and are they about to be thrashed for airing our dirty linen in public......I agree it needs to be rectified, I am living in such accom, but come on there are ways and means of going about things!!!
  2. As far as I'm aware the photos were sent in by serving soldiers. The photo of the bath must (I hope) have come from a condemned accom block or wing as there is no way a bath should be left in that state even if the block is run down.

    Shabby due to lack of maintenace - yeah ok we've all been there.

    Minging due to soldiers living in own filth / spineless JNCO's / SNCO's - no way!
  3. Can you publish a link for this?
  4. The photo of the bath reminds me of a similar one taken by our RQ after the troops had deployed on a six month tour. The RQ decided to have a walk around a few days after they had gone.

    They were in such a hurry to leave they didn't clean anything before they left. Bath still had water in it, shower damp, sink had dirty plates in it and windows left slightly open. He didn't say a word, just relocked all of the doors and made a note in his diary.

    Went back six weeks later with his camera and took a stack of photo's. The bath looked like the one on the BBC as all the minging water had now evaporated. The shower was green. Their kitchen was alive with flies and pigeons were nesting in their room and had crapped everywhere. The room was devastated.

    Photo's were sent to their WO in theatre and they had to come back to camp on their R & R to sort it out. They had all assumed that someone else would clean it.
  6. Oh come on what a load of arrse yes there is only so much you can do but that cannot be real sorry i know its harsh but really :x
    Maybe just maybe if people stopped bleating about room inspections being against their human rights the ssm would have rectified this before it got so bad 8O and if the sncos mess is exactly like that then your rsm needs sacking as its his train set at the end of the day 8O :x
    But of course no amount of cleaning would remove all that filth from the bottom of the bath would it :?
    We had guys in traz refusing to move into the z type accom that had just been built as it was more expensive than the crappy 3 man rooms
    jesus h christ you just cant keep people happy :x :x
  7. In Londonderry during the eighties; we lived six to a room in Portacabins for two years. We also lived in sh*t holes, on VCP's for weeks on end.

    In Minden (BFG) during the nineties, our house was like the worst council place you could imagine. And I was a senior rank, which of course does not and should not, matter either way.
    Throughout all this time, Joe Public neither had a clue nor gave a monkey's, either. Most civvies don't know what's going on outside of the Pub. They're more interested in brain-dead reality TV, and singing shows.

    Army accommodation, rooms and married quarters, were always bonk. There was never any money spent on the Forces because we weren't valued. Fact. Everybody knows the system doesn't help its Army, in, or out. Everyone knows that, on the whole, Joe Public simply doesn't give a t*ss, unless they are unfortunate enough to have a son or daughter, in a hostile theatre.

    It's also pretty obvious, what the public thinks of our great leaders, isn't it?

    There's enough cultural and structural damage being done to this country. Our armed forces need to be looked after, appreciated, and housed properly, so that they don't implode, as well. They're our last source of pride.

    From this thread; sounds like some people shouldn't be in the Army, bleating about human rights, etc. And what's the world come to, when errors with army boots are splashed all over the News? Namby pamby.

    On the other hand, I remember and I respect those people deployed to (and fighting) in the numerous trouble spots, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others. I don't forget the families and friends left back at home, either.

    My point is; in my day you just got on with it, "just do it and have a good moan afterwards". Most of us have had crap accommodation. But when we let things get on top of us, that's when we start losing, and look like losers
  8. Onboard a ship, the quality of life is shite. Any army personnel who have spent more than 1 day onboard an RN Vessel will agree with me.

    I'm now working in a tri-service unit. I'm living in a portakabin that is too fcuking hot in the Summer and too fcuking cold in the winter. Why don't you come around and have a look at the state of my accomadation?

    Trust me, a lot of the Navy accomadation leaves a lot to be desired.
  9. Cillit Bang'd have cleaned that Bath up a Treat. :wink:

    Washing the tiles down, reporting whent he grouting was coming away wouldve saved those tiles from falling off, possibly..

    Too many whinging cnuts who cant be bothered to get off their arrse, grab some cleaning kit and scrub the damn places clean.

    Ive lived in some pretty grim accommodation.. H blocks at Waterbeach, early 90's sticks in my mind as being the worst. That was accepted.. Waterbeach now has nice big posh blocks replacing those old H blocks (which the little bastids still whinge about in my Troop) The point being, All of that is fixable.
    The Sinks minging? Clean it.
    Drain's blocked.. Report it or fix it. (It's not hard and most of the time it's the U bend that's blocked with hair and ear buds. Gooey and smelly? Use an NCB Mask and Gloves then. Fkssakes..)
    Tiles coming off the Wall? report it, civvis not fixing it? if it's that bad get on to your QM to go buy some grout, tiles, etc and fix it yourself. B and Q even do leaflets on how to do stuff like that.

    You buy Boot polish to keep your Boots clean and serviceable, why not the same with your Accommodation Buy some of the kit to keep it serviceable?

    And for all those living in Portakabins.. I totally sympathise. That IS shite!!
  10. Fatbadge that Royal Engineers tab at the bottom of your post has just sparked something in my brain.....The Royal Engineers have sappers who are qualified to do just about every block maintenance job there is right? Carpenters, brick layers, plumbers, electricians, painter and decorators etc, now Im well aware that these guys are currently being put to good use in sandier climbes, Bastion, Shaiba etc, but surely we can use our own professionally qualified guys to put some of this right? I don't know alot about the sapper remit or if it is policy to use civilian contractors to conduct repairs/maintenance on accomodation but it seems 'in theory' to be one solution. Eagerly awaiting a reply.

    Cheers Easy!
  11. Still have vivid memories of making sure the lads dusted the showers before inspections (during the 90's in Larkhill) only one worked and that was a dribble of luke warm water. Although most of them didn't work they were gleaming! Used to walk up to the garrison gym for a decent shower a couple of times a week.

    Spent two years reporting lack of hot water and rubbish showers to no avail. I believe the QM got an OBE for his money saving efforts.
  12. I am an ex-Sapper and I think it is something to do with taking work away from Civvies. I got told that when I was at the Royal School of Militart Engineering in Kent. Not sure if there is any truth in it, but would you be surprised if it were true?
  13. In Ludgershall in the early 90's we had to move out of the block and into portacabins in the carpark. Squallid isn't the word. The shower block was always frozen up and we we're only allowed lighting and heating as any other electric item would short out the mains. When the mains blew, which they often did, it would take days to sort out as singlies weren't a priority. If they blew on a friday it wouldn't get fixed til at least tuesday. The big pisser was there was perfectly good accomodation available in Tidworth but the unit wouldn't pay for transport to take us to and from work.

    Spent every night for three months down the pub and ended up overdrawn but at least it was better than freezing my arse off in a cold, damp portacabin.

    If a situation every happens to my soldiers like that I will make every effort to sort it out for them.

    As for quarter repairs, which bright spark will get an MBE for Modern Housing Solutions. What a feck up they are.
  14. The tradesmen that know would love to be allowed to do this kind of stuff...They want and need to keep their hands in at their trades.. ( else they'd suffer in civvi street! from no experience!)
    Theyre mainly hampered by the Civilians who have the Contract. The Sparkies and Plumbers I believe are also hampered by legislation. I dont know for definate the score, but I think it's the certification.. if the Army pays for it, the Guys'd walk to civvi street? I know I would! Might be wrong.