BBC report on bankers 16.10.09

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SSeeker, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. The BBC had a feature about banks this morning.

    A female banker, was asked do you agree with the 300,000 bonus for all Goldman Sacks employees??

    She said of coarse I do, if we wish to retain talent.

    My point is what f'n talent.

    When the journalist told her that the general public though bankers should be paid the same as the rest of us poor sods, her face glazed over with no interest.

    Her reply was that we need to retain talent!!
  2. As much as it pains me to say this, she is right. Now the top bankers have become accustomed to this level of pay if Goldman Sachs doesn’t pay it some other bank will. They have such large amounts of profit that in the end someone is going to benefit from it, so it really means that either the very very top guys get all of it or some of the wealth gets shared around.

    To be honest I am not sure why you seem to be outraged about this, do you really expect them to say no I want less money let my bosses have more?
  3. I think they've repaid their bailout loan to the US government. What they pay their staff is therefore up to the company and its shareholders.

    I'm old enough to remember what happened when our last Labour government tried to control wages.

    I don't hear Gordon complaining either. Unsurprising as he'll be taking most of the bonus money in tax and national insurance.
  4. No I don't expect any less from bankers.

    However all the equations they draw up are all flawed, take Alan Greenspan, who was the chairman of the Federal Reserve and Harvard graduate.

    He told the american government, he made an error in his financial calculations??

    What I am pointing out is that the same crap is going to happen again and everyone else are going to get saddle with the debt again.
  5. Unfortunatly this bank only had to pay back one dollar for every two they borrowed!!!!!! What the F'K
  6. not that I've ever received one of these bonuses, but it seems to me the bankers can't win. It's been said that if you're not in business making yourself rich, you are making someone else rich. Well, here is an exception, and I think it's good because many other places, management reward themselves bonuses but not the employees - which I've seen first hand working in payroll and accounts. I would have thought that this bonanza for ALL employees would meet widespread approval (on a general note, as opposed to the current climate, at least). But no, Labour just doesnt' like people earning lots of money - they've made noises (before the banking crisis) about immoral levels of income.

    Good on Goldman Sachs I say.
  7. Yes SSeeker I am sure you are right too, slowly once we come out of recession I think people will forget about the bad times and slowly but surely the regulations that have been brought into place now will be relaxed and we will end up in the same situation, the temptation and greed when there is this much money on offer is too much by the looks of it.

    The think that still annoys me the most is the arrogance of the man who is supposed to guide us away from these problems being soooo short sighted that he claimed to have eradicated boom and bust!!!
  8. When I was a kid I was taught that Bankers and Doctors MPs ect were all super inteligent and above reproach, but now I know a number of Bankers and MPs and to be quit honist they are a bunch of BSing wonkers who most certainly are not very talented, there is no skill to banking it's not like being an engineer, from what I can see any fool can be an MP or banker, just look at how many useless Ruperts do it
  9. May be they meant bank managers.
  10. Just visit any pub in the City and tell me those wonkers have tallent,
  11. face it investment bankers are never going to be liked no obvious talent.
    no obvious need.
    theres people you respect like brain surgeons pilots actors sport types for skill and talent etc.
    There's people who work hard for little reward squaddies coppers nurses teachers.

    no one is ever going to go quick we need an investment banker
  12. The labour party do, to move money off shore in a legal manner