BBC report another British soldier killed in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Aug 12, 2004.

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  1. Just heard on the 1.00pm news, no further information yet.
  2. This is confirmed on MOD website, no details yet, other than it was an IED
  3. Oh f*ck no
  4. :(
    Let's hope the glorious ruling party do not tell all of the troops out there to forget it and to be nice to terrorists.
  5. Black Watch :(
  6. Both the soldier killed and his seriously injured oppo are from the Black Watch. RIP and wishes for a speedy recovery respectively
  7. O God, whose strength setteth
    fast the mountains, Lord of the
    hills to whom we lift our eyes:
    grant us grace that we, of The
    Black Watch, once chosen to watch
    the mountains of an earthly kingdom,
    may stand fast in faith and
    be strong, until we come to the
    heavenly kingdom of him who has
    bidden us to watch and pray, thy
    son, our saviour and Lord.

    Rest in peace.
  8. My deep condolences to the Family, colleagues and friends of Marc Ferns , 1BW KoAS Basra 12/08/04.

    My thoughts also, to his badly injured colleague , and God grant him a speedy recovery.

  9. TBliar strikes again. Another one of our comrades needlessly dies to further Tony's political ambitions. You notice how none of Tony's cronies have got members of their own families fighting in the Gulf?

    RIP wee man
  10. More on Private Ferns from the BBC:

    I wonder if Bliar or TCH could look this man's parents in the eye?