BBC: Ratko Mladic jailed for life over Bosnia war genocide

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. So what happened in Srebrenica according to BBC?
    Let's compare BBC coverage with ... BBC own timeline
    In the article we read
    It is not clear were they armed, were they Muslim fighters.
    So read BBC's timeline
    Timeline: Siege of Srebrenica
    Do you see a difference between 'military age men' and 'Bosnian Muslim fighters'?
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  2. Good. Him and Radical Caravan were absolute pariahs.
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  3. Yes I can, if you can't your supervisor should send you to Siberia for some remedial English comprehension.

    Trying to pretend that the two accounts you present are mutually exclusive is also dishonest in the extreme.

    Oh dear another great Pan Orthodox Hero gets his comeuppance, you must be mortified Sergey.
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  4. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Chuffed to f#ck.

    Mladic banged up for life in the same week as Uncle Bob Mugabe gets the elbow.

    And it's not even Christmas yet.
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  5. He's in his 70s though... So his life is almost over as it is.

    Still glad they got him.

    Same as these doddering 90yo nazi ex-death camp guards.

    If we've got the evidence on them put them before the beak. Even if they're on oxygen in a hospital bed.

    None must be seen to 'get away with it'.
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  6. L
    It is a shame that the process takes such a long time.
    Eg 70-80 year old mass murderers are quite happy to be in care and have someone wipe their bottom for them.
  7. There's many a member of the HoL (and HoC for that matter) who'd pay good money to have that done for them
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  8. Of course, they are not mutually exclusive but apparenly BBC step by step is changing its narrative.
    Shelling of a column of 15000 of Muslim fighters apparently is a military operation and can not be regarded as a genocide.
    But BBC tries to present events happened in Srebrenica namely as a genocide. So 'muslim fighters' have been changed for 'military age men' that could be just peaceful civilians.
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  9. This has nothing to do with the shelling of the breakout and everything to do with those industrially murdered in clear breach of the rules of war and human decency after the capture of the enclave. Quibbling about the composition of the breakout column, the knowledge of which may have changed over time is pointless.
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  10. Killing unarmed prisoners of war in their thousands indisputably is a war crime, however.
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  11. Killing even one POW is a war crime (not a genocide but a war crime). But killing of armed combatants is not a crime at all.
    About 7-8 thousands of Muslims missed. Were all of them unlawfully killed?
    Let's look how BBC-Russian describes it.
    Парламент Сербии извинился за убийства в Сребренице
    Remarkably BBC-English doesn't make such a doubtful claim.
    Thousands from 15000-strong Muslim column reached Muslim controlled territory. Big and unknown number was killed during the march of the column, when it was shelled. So not all 7-8 thousands were unlawfully killed.
    Moreover it looks as attitude of the Serb soldiers to captured Muslim fighters was not bad at all.
    Let's read documents issued by the Hague tribunal
    On page 153 we read
    Beer and cigarettes? As a preparation to genocide? It is the most strange 'genocide' I ever heard.
    But what was behavior of Muslim POWs? Did they try to flee, to capture weapons?
    Let's again read documents of the Hague tribunal.
    Can we say that they were unlawful killings?
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  12. So unlawful killings? He got what he deserved then? Look on the bright side.He could end up as Charles Taylor's bitch. ;)
  13. What, Muslims in Yugoslavia, are there any left???

    Needs to be Turkey next, I hear there are few of their kind in that place too, perhaps just clear up to the Bosporus, it would make a nice Gibraltar mk 2.
  14. No, we can't.

    An enemy combatant is a legitimate target, even while unarmed or carrying out non-military activity, right up to the point they surrender or are rendered hor de combat. There's nothing unlawful about killing them.

    An armed civilian presenting a threat is a legitimate target. There's nothing unlawful about killing them.

    A surrendered enemy combatant or a captive civilian are not legitimate targets. Killing them constitutes a war crime. Not an unlawful killing, a war crime.
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  15. Our KGB Resident should try reading he trial transcript, and judgement. He should find it illuminating, but I doubt it.
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