BBC Raises More ?s About Man Causing Climate Change

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. I thought the science was conclusive that evil man (especially in the even more evil developed "West") was the reason for climate change such that we MUST act now to save the planet? I mean anyone who dared question this "truth" has been marginalized and excoriated.

    Al Gore where are you? Yet more Inconvenient Truth?

  2. Corbyn has made millions from accurate long range weather forecasting for insurance companies.

    The Met Office can't forecast more than two weeks ahead.

    BBQ summer my ARRSE!
  3. Global warming/ climate change is all bollox in my opinion.
    Just an excuse for goverments around the world to charge lots of "green tax".
    Yes the climate has changed but its not all down to man.



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  4. Why is mankind so arrogant that we think that we are able to disrupt (to a significant degree) the natural course of the planet? Mother Nature will win. She always does in the end.
  5. For someone who is happy to believe in an invisible sky fairy, you seem to really have something against science....

    If proved correct, all he has to do is submit his manuscript to either Science or Nature. If proved correct, the manuscript would be fast tracked for publication, his company would have more publicity than he could shake a stick at and he'd be rich...

    So, why hasn't he submitted it?

    1. those evil climate-scientists would use the peer-review process to bury it?
    2. his story doesn't actually stand up to scrutiny?

    I'm guessing 2, as if he really had cracked the issue, he'd be the most famous man on the planet...

    If I recollect, you say you are in an academic post - if so, you'll recall this saying: "Publish or be damned..."
  6. different data collected from a similar period shows a different story.

  7. Statistics and lies?
  8. I prefer this quote....

  9. Indeed. IMO it's a load of old sh!te and simply an excuse for revenue raising with green taxes etc. The climates been changing since the beginning of time, that's why we had fcuking fire, and fcuking ice, and fcuking dinosaurs long before we had Range Rovers!
  10. But if as Prof Latif says there is going to be acooling trend then it is not warming, it's cooling?

    Wheras the Metreological Centre say there will be warming.

    Two centres of excellence, two different guesses, who's right?
  11. I would like to publish my theory on the Arse site.

    Having studied the weather for 46 years my conclusion, which is revolutionary and ground breaking, is:

    " As long as the planet exists in its current form....... then there will be weather!"

    Sure some days will be better then others but weather will continue.

    Please feel free to de-bunk this theory.
  12. Come on JJH; you secretly voted for Al, didn't you? Go on, admit it! :D
  13. Global Warming is the new religion of the Left.

    THeir last religion. Communism, was busted so they found a new one.

    FACT: THe Earth was much colder during the ice ages, it them warmed up dramatically, what caused this warming? Neanderthal and Cro Magnon man started running around in 4x4? Or was it that huge ball of incandescent gas in the sky we call The Sun got hotter?
  14. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    COmmunism is alive and well. It is now known as New Labour. But NL is not doing too well so the chattering masses have moved on to something else - Global Warming.
    All these very clever people are forgetting that nature will do it's own thing. The only real damage we have done so far is to chop down most of the rain forests.
  15. Remember these three letters: CFC?
    Clue - they don't stand for Chelski Football Club.

    They had a particularly marked effect on 'the natural course of the planet'...
    Or was that all sunspot activity?