Bbc Radio Stoke Request - For Friday - Afghanistan: The Future.


I'm a reporter at BBC Radio Stoke and working on a piece for this Friday (7th March) on looking back at the conflict in Afghanistan.

I got advised that some of you would be fantastic voices to have on our debate panel - and I agree - it's the most important and vital voice we can get. I'm sure you all have stories of bravery, loss, pain and pride.

Ideally, we want a discussion about the future, the impact the conflict has had on servicemen and women (and their families), whether people feel the conflict was worth it - and would/should it ever happen again.

I am looking for ex-service personnel from Stoke on Trent / North Staffordshire or Cheshire who would be able to come to our studios in Hanley at 9am on Friday.

This can also be current servicemen/women OR alternatively the family of soldiers who've served and how the conflict feels from the frontline or home front.

Please get in touch if you can and would like to help -

I look forward to speaking to some of you,



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