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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dougl67, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. The Forgotten Heroes have been responsible for 2 exclusive news reports both last week and this week.

    With the help of a reporter called Simon Neville, TFH was able to expose the dreadful situation regarding examinations undertaken by unqualified Doctors concerning War Pensions.

    There is currently 4,300 appeals in progress against the findings undertaken by this organisation.
    Some 1,700 appeals have been heard by Tribunals with the applicants being successful. Currently this organisation is running at around a 30% appeal rate for examinations carried out for War Pensioners.

    I was able to also break the exclusive on the Tax scandal, whereby a new computer software programme has implemented a tax on war pensioners, pensions.

    HMRC has since stated that even though this has occurred at their end, it is the responsibility of the individual to report any discrepancies in their tax codes and tax banding.

    I will be interviewed by Bernadette McConnell today on these story's to be aired on tomorrows show, timings to be confirmed.

    Chris Ryan (former SAS soldier 1st Gulf War) Dr Liam Fox MP (Shadow Def Sec), Patrick Mercer MP (former Officer HM Forces) and Nick Harvey MP (Lib Dem shadow Def Sec) have all joined in with these issues and have commented on how disgraceful these incidents are.

    Finally, please remember that The Forgotten Hero's is kindly funded by donations. To be able to provide quality information to Carers and their families and to be able to peruse issues of this nature, please continue to donate where possible.

    I will announce the timings once I become aware of the shows schedule.



  2. Good luck, Adam: and I'll be interested to hear more about war pensions being taxed.
  3. So much for the long winded promise by Government to repair the broken covenant that has existed for years in this country regarding our War Disablement Pensioners.
    Debt of gratitude my ARRSE, ------- It's all a myth mate. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: