BBC Radio 4 From Our Own Correspondent 23 Dec 06


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A short article from Martin Bell ref the job of an Army Padre in Iraq is also on the page, as well as mention of a programme he'll be doing in the New Year about Padres, called The British Army, God and the Gun .

Top squaddy quote:

Another sign of Christmas is the seasonal migration of chiefs of staff and politicians. Like birds of passage, they fly into Basra and then out again.

As a disaffected soldier put it, they stay for the length of a fag break.

Top sensible quote:

The troops just get on with it. They always have. They always will.

If there is a message from them this winter, it is more than one of seasonal goodwill. It is: remember we are here. We are here to stay or, better still, to go. And - please - do not take us for granted.

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