BBC R5 programme, sun 11th: "Trouble in the TA"


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This may be worth listening to on Sunday. The link to the site is below, and I copy the blurb on it below:

"The British military is increasingly reliant on the Territorial Army. The TA make up ten per cent of troop strength in Iraq. Jonathan Charles investigates how TA troops are treated in the field and reports on the treatment and care that some have received when the return home. He hears from troops who have returned to find that they have lost their civilian jobs. Fifty per cent of all post traumatic stress cases from Iraq are suffered by TA and reservists even though they make up only ten per cent of troop numbers. In some TA units, 40 per cent of troops have resigned and replacing them is hard. The MoD have launched a national recruitment campaign for new recruits."

Will it be a hatchet job, or balanced reportage? We will see (or rather hear).
Is this the prog the BBC approached arrsers about ?. If so, it will be interesting to hear from contributors how well their views were edited and/or misrepresented.

Not that I don't trust the BBC any more ...... much. Clashes with the Archers though.


I’ll certainly be tuning into that with interest.

Good to see you OS, I didn’t expect to see much of you on here while your away.
You missed out on a good crawl last weekend :D

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