BBC R4 - More Plain Tales From The Raj

Certainly interesting listening for Imperial India.

'Plain Tales From The Raj' was a BBC R4 series broadcast in
1974 in which different aspects of life in British Empire India
were described by people who experienced them.

Several years later the BBC made another similar series called
'More Plain Tales From The Raj' in which individuals were invited
to make a complete programmes.

This edition is the one made by Spike Milligan, who was born
into an army family in India.

Milligan Chota Sahib - The Indian Childhood Of Spike Milligan.
BBC R4 - More Plain Tales From The Raj | BBC For Free

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Related material:

The interviewer Charles Allen published Plain Tales from the Raj: images of British India in the twentieth century (1975), including further information from the interviews. The work of recording the memories of those who served in India contiuned under the British in India Oral Archive Committee at the School of Oriental and African Studies and the series continues as the British in India Oral Archive Project (Ref: OA2). The School of Oriental and African Studies also holds sound recordings from the radio series 'India: A People Partitioned' (Ref: OA3). The Imperial War Museum, Department of Sound Records, carried out an oral history interviewing project on the role of the British Army in India in the inter-war period and the years before Independence.

Cassette copies and transcripts of recordings of unedited interviews assembled, 1972-1974, for the radio series 'Plain Tales from the Raj', including material not included in the broadcast programmes, and comprising c200 hours of material. The 82 subjects interviewed, including men, women, adults and children, lived and worked in India from the late 19th century to Independence (1947) and the interviews cover a wide range of civilian and military experience between 1876 and 1949. Military personnel range from the Commander in Chief of the Army in India to Army privates. Civil servants of various ranks and members of the business and commercial world, for example tea planters, are also included. Women mainly comprise wives and daughters, but also include a few nurses and governesses. The project covered the lives of the British in India and, although the material touches upon the effect of the Raj on India and its indigenous inhabitants, only a small number of Indians and Eurasians were interviewed. Subjects covered include accommodation and living conditions; daily routine; social life and recreation; health and sanitation; the effects of India postings on family life; relations between the British, other Europeans, Indians and Eurasians in social and work environments; events such as riots and earthquakes; the fauna and landscape of India; and political events. Full typescript transcripts (including inaccuracies in some cases) exist for most, but not all, of the recordings.

BBC - BBC Radio 4 Extra Programmes - More Plain Tales from the Raj, Milligan Chota Sahib - the Indian Childhood of Spike Milligan
I have been trying to find a copy of the BBC recordings everywhere and cannot find them in tape or CD or downloadable file anywhere. Does anyone have any idea where I could get them. I am keen for the actual recording not the transcript. Cheers

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