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Not sure I agree with his conclusion ( ISIS is closer to a Western revolutionary group than it is to A l Qaeda ) but this is worth a listen.

Fri, 11 Jul 14

11 mins

Philosopher and author John Gray argues that the Sunni extremist group Isis (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) is actually more of a modern revolutionary force than a reactionary one intent on a reversion to mediaeval values. Surprising as this may sound says Gray, Isis is thoroughly modern. It's organised itself into an efficient company, and has become the wealthiest jihadi organisation in the world. And while it invokes the early history of Islam, the society it envisions has no precedent in history. Some of the thinkers who developed radical Islamist ideas are known to have been influenced by European anarchism and communism, especially by the idea that society can be reshaped by a merciless revolutionary vanguard using systematic violence. Isis is part of the revolutionary turmoil of modern times warns Gray, and until the West grasps that uncomfortable fact, it won't be able to deal with the dangers Isis presents.

Whilst I might be tempted to characterise him in knee-jerk fashion as an LSE Guardianista intellectual, the piece was exactly what the Beeb use this slot for - a different perspective.

Lee Shaver



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