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BBC Question Time - does it need to change?

I posted a wee rant on the QT Commentary thread https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/question-time-commentary.222767/post-8530355. In which I posited that QT currently is dull and Dimbleby needs to go, as do the production team.

You, dear reader, may agree or not with that so let's hear your thoughts.

Does it need to change, yes or no and if yes how?

Who should be the presenter: Dimbleby, he is ok, or someone else?

I think Dimbers needs to go and be replaced with a younger, more thrusting presenter not scared of the panellists.

The obvious ones are Andrew Neil and Jeremy Paxton but really they are near the end of their career. Let's have a younger, braver presenter wishing to make a name for themselves, but please, not of the Snowflake generation.

I would like to see Julia Hartley Brewer as presenter, some of the LBC ppradio presenters who are not afraid of ripping a new one for politicians.

Who would you, dear Arrseratti, like to see in the QT hot seat?
I found a simple answer to the pointless drivel that is QT. I don’t watch it. No point to it as a sensible debate. Sixty second sound bites are about all you can expect, and about all you get.

I sometimes listen to the radio version if I am driving. Pretty much the same pointless interchange of sound bites.

It’s not Dimbleby’s job to rip a new one on the guests. His job is to properly moderate a debate in response to questions. FWIW I think he does a reasonable job of it.

Most of the names mentioned above are complete non-starters given their political affiliations.

Why not try someone like Evan Davis. No known political affiliation, bright and personable, has the gravitas to do the job and does a similar role in the less combative The Bottom Line on R4. And he is a tick in the diversity box.


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Hmm I like Evan Davis but don't know if he has the gravitas to stop some of the panelists making party political broadcasts rather than answer the question. Long-Bailey is a prime example of this.
If we are nominating then I propose Stormy Daniels...


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I haven't watched that programme for over a year now. It got so bogged down with lefty panellists and Dimberby interrupting.

I know it's a tad late for Sir Robin Day but there is only one chap who would bring me back to that show and it's Paxman. As he is coming to the end of his broadcasting career he won't be afraid to carry on in the same vein as he did on Newsnight and he might even get some one to answer a bloody question!
Trouble with a lot of it is whichever party they represent they have to stick to the mantra/doctrine of the day. Nobody seems keen to give an actual position and everything has to be prefaced with an apology. The comedians are invariably left wing and often offer very little and the media types seem to be a box ticking exercise. There should be a wild card panelist from the public every week.

saying all that I'm not sure why I watch it anyhow we all know Claire Balding will end up doing it, she does everything else.
Christ no! You'd get the 'startled pigeon' off that "Taxpayers Alliance" bint that appeared a couple of times almost every single time.
Agree with slipperman, for the most part. Common sense really.
New presenter?
Andrew Neil 1st choice
View attachment 331615
He would put the cat amongst the pigeons.
Hitchens isn't suitable for two reasons.

First he's been far too publicly partisan in the past to do a job that requires a fair amount of impartiality. Andrew Neil is good at keeping his own views to one side when he's presenting a programme. I suspect Hitchens wouldn't be able to.

Secondly if he was in charge no-one else would get a word in edgeways. He's far too fond of his own voice.
Josef fritzel should host it and if any of them talk boll0cks straight down his dungeon for a good ole noncing, mind many of HoP are already well versed in that practice.
Get Nick Ferrari in, or even Hartley Brewer for brains and good looks coupled with no nonsense approach.
Masochists and comedians would probably prefer Abbotocerusphant :cool:

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