BBC: Putin attacks very dangerous US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 10, 2007.

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  2. Well he would wouldn't he Sergey? :thumright: I notice Vlad the Impaler has upped defence spending by a good whack. Why not spend the extra money on fire escapes for hospitals?

    When in difficulty at home, develop an external threat! And (sorry bad Staff Duties) before you go down that road, we do have an external threat, namely nutters in funny kit telling us we should stop drinking (I am a sweaty sock so that won't happen), bow towards Mecca 5 times a day, develop 7th Century morals and dress our bints up in black bin liners. I'll bet footie matches and Rugby clubs are fantastic in Saudi Arabia.

    On a much more important note, as we have agreed to have a drink sometime in Moskva are any of your wifes' mates in the FSB (even remotely - don't want to reduce the odds too much) attractive? Imagine my ARRSE street cred if I actually fcuked over the Organs of State Security? We wouldn't have to buy a drink again - ever!! :brilsmurf:

    And if we could actuall do it in the Lubyanka - well..................

    Edited for sexually excited spelling.
  3. And all of that from a man who's country occupied half of Europe and who invaded in order to spread the word of Communism.
  4. And what? There are some allegations, no more.
  5. I suspect Mr.Putin would love to be able to project Russian military strength in the way in which the United States does.
  6. He was trying just before the Iraq war, sell the guy some arms, get given a few oil exploration licences - all despite the sanctions of course
  7. Seven dead in mysterious circumstances? And two prime suspects for the killing of Litvinenko? Do you think they all committed suicide?

    I advise you to watch this space. There's a lot more to come out.
  8. And what?

    Who namely does suspect them? Scotland Yard? I haven't heard about any formal chrges.

    I don't know.

    OK. Let's wait. For example French government officially recognised state terrorism. Portugese cameraman was blown up. Name of French agents are known, they were sentenced.

    In the cases you mean we haven't a full picture. So it won't be be right to speak about Russian state terrorism.
  9. I wouldn't defend or condone any government involved in blowing people up, even if they justify their actions as being for the greater good. Unfortunately, I suspect most fairly large and powerful countries have agents who have been or are currently involved in state-sponsored murder.

    And I'm not French.
  10. I know it Frenchperson that really you are not French. Of course secret services exist but you overestimate value of 'murders' to reach political objectives for big countries. For example, death of mr.Litvinenko works rather against Russian interests. So do you think that planners in secret services are idiots?

  11. Pot calling kettle black does not (IMHO) excuse either from whatever it is that made them acquire that hue in the first place.
  13. Should this thread not be 'Poisonous little lying, duplicitous, KGB non-reforming, twunt Putin attacks 'very dangerous' US'?
  14. Hi Virgil!

    You position is still unclear for me. So may I ask some questions?

    Mr.Putin thinks that USA regards itself as the only centre for decision-making in international affairs. USA tries to substitute interantional legislation by own internal laws. USA is widely using military force for this pupose. From mr.Putin's point of view it contaradicts democratic principles.

    In this context I would like to ask you (and also all our friends) some questions.

    1. Where mr.Putin is correct and where he is wrong?

    2. Do you personally think that other countries should perform orders from Washington without obkections?

    3. Have other countries (like China, Russia, Iran and so on) abilities to make serious obstacles for USA?