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Anyone see the programme tonight?...More propoganda from The BBC, who have always been negative about the Iraq war, never mentioning the good work the British Army has done and still does in Iraq.

Tonight shows British lawers, defending the Iraqi detainees who were allegedly ill treated from British soldiers. What the feck is that about...A british lawer sitting in posh comfy London office, looking at the evidence from there, I notice they didnt fly the lawers over to Basra, to the scene of these alleged crimes. TOSSERS.

But what gets me, is why would a british lawer go against the British Army and defend the detainees...who lets be honest, we dont even know why they are in there, they could easily be insurgents, murderers, rapists...etc.

It ended with the presenter with two Iraqis, showing them footage of a British regiment getting off the plane to a heroes welcome..( deservedly as they had just dont a tour of Iraq). he asked them how they felt watching the footage. TOSSER.

Whos side is the BBC on????...I felt so angry watching the programme, i refused to stop watching BBC news yonks ago, but Panorama tonight took the biscuit.


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Is it me or do I detect a large amount of premedicated thought in this programme by the BBC. Given that the trial of the accused finished but today - this half hour programme had a large amount or reconstruction footage that in no way could have been shot today - call me cynical but I think this was a classic case of media hype because things did not go they way they wanted with the investigation and trial (the right and wrongs of which I will not comment), Funny how they also managed to include all other instances of percieved abuse within the same programme.

May be I am just getting cynical in my old age about the fluffy leftie, lesbians that run the BBC these days

Remember the media don't really care - its all about provoking thought, pricking public interest and making money (oh and viewing stats as well) - anyone who thinks they really care about the Iraqis are sorely mistaken.


P.S The future piece advertised on AWOL soldiers... hmm they really don't like us right now do they! But we will all be watvhing to see what they have to say on the matter :)
Hi armies
So who do you think was responsible for the death of one and the severe beating of the others? That facts are not in question. How can so many soldiers repeat over 6000 times ' during the trial I can't remember'? What is in question is your obvious blindness to what went on and the damage which this can do to the good reputation of the BA and in the short term erode public confidence in the BA.


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Skynet, Im aware that soldiers commited the offences mentioned.
My point is, why did the BBC make a programme on this subject?...Not many civies in Britain know much about Iraq or what soldiers do out there.

Fait enough investigations should be conducted, but should not involve civilain lawers and should not be made public. Panorama did a good show a year ago about iraq,that was a good watch. it featured two soldiers from 2 para, who sadly were killed during filming by a roadside bomb.

The BBC has shown propoganda towards iraq, it only ever reports the bad''Fifty people were killed in baghdad today by a market bomb''.

And asking two Iraqis what they thought, when it showed a British regiment returning home after a tour, well who cares what they thought, they were probably the bastards who were trying to attack them during the tour.

Yes some soldiers committed these unprofessional acts, but it doesnt warrant making a programme on it, to the British public who already have negative views about the war. Just tarnishes the British army even more.
It sounds to me that you only wish the BBC to report news you agree with. The BBC made a programme because there is a clear injustice and it has made many similar programmes across an whole range of professions when things have clearly gone wrong. The BBC have an old adage if both sides are attacking its veracity its proberly got it right. That is what often happens.
So, Skynet as the soldiers concerned were not prosecuted does that mean there innocnet? Or do you believe they are guilty? What the bbc did was renact what the Iraqis said happened. So are the BBC saying that the soldiers should of been found guilty?
We seem to have a large number of the defendants who suffer from alzheimer's and it may be they should be discharged from the Army. In other words there is a cover up. Read Mick Smiths post on the same subject ' A good kicking Panorama' Let me know what you think.


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Skynet said:
We seem to have a large number of the defendants who suffer from alzheimer's and it may be they should be discharged from the Army. ......

It was the Prosecution witnesses who could not remember - not the defendants

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