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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Thorhammer, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Well for all your support of Dannet and I for one, sitting in Blighty, support what he is saying, it seems the BBC Breakfast News is working overtime on the propaganda front for this government & MOD.

    We at home hear about the problems and serious they seem (I have a son-in-Law just returned from the fun area of Afganistan) then the Beeb send out a pretty girl who tells us all is well and shows footage of things not as bad as reported in the media and the success of the troops, (success I hope it is) and then interviews some soldiers who tell her the well rehearsed stories (really learned their scripts well). They have obviously been picked and the replies to her questions could have come straight out of a recruiting leaflet. (cynical! moi!)...........

    So the upshot is who do we believe? if it is bad then the BBC is doing you lot no favours. :viking:
  2. Trust the BBC!! What ever next!
  3. So, not only is it BBC propaganda, but the soldiers to whom she speaks have been "got at" too.

    Tin-foil hats at the ready.

    Sometime you blokes do yourselves no favours at all.
  4. Ashie if you had any experience of being in the armed forces you would know that comments to the press are usually well rehearsed, and if misplaced serious pressure can be placed on you in future postings/tasks or promotion prospects. So yes there can be some element of carefully selected answers especially on pre-planned press opportunities.

    But then Ashie you have done diddly squat in the military, and are just another lame arsed NU Labour lackey.
  5. So if it's normal practice, what's the big deal then, fact-free?

  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    sven you gayer, are you busy sucking vagrants cock still?
  7. Just to paraphrase Ashie:

    If everyone is telling lies then it's all OK.

    I was just about to explain the media-ops "lines to take" policy and regulations for the benefit of Ashie but then I remembered - he is the Labour Party stooge so he knows exactly how and why MoD Media Ops have been taken over by the Party.
  8. It doesn't help when you watch the news and you have servicemen/women laughing and smiling with these Government numpties, making the situation look all rosey but they haven't got any choice to be honest.
    If it wasn't for programmes like Ross Kemp in Afghanistan and the various footage on sites like youtube and liveleak the ordinary civvie wouldn't have a clue what is actually going on.

    I don't trust the media or the government.
  9. Just Ross Kemp eh!
  10. I've never been picked to be interviewed by the media cos I've told the bosses that if a journo asked what the MOD's policy was I would tell them what they wanted to hear.
    On the other hand if they asked my personal opinion I would tell them what that was. In other words I'll always tell the truth, can't go wrong that way.
  11. Sorry, just paraphrasing your paraphrasing of Ashie. :p
  12. I remember when the BBC was the worlds premier news service.
    Mind you I even remember when the US President where Honkeys
  13. Bit of confusion here.

    MoD Press Office seems to exist purely to save ministerial blushes. The problem for them is most bad news stories can be followed directly back to 11 Downing street and its previous resident.

    Media Ops is there to get a story across in a way that is benificial for the forces in support of the commanders intent.

    Try doing a Media course, great fun.

    At the end of the day she is a bit of breakfast TV fluff being used to get to an audience the military don't normally reach. I would not class her as a journalist.

    I know that it is difficult in these days of spin but I think we should give the soldiers that appear a bit more respect. Maybe they really do believe they are making a difference. After all, they are the ones out on the ground.

    I find it hard to believe they are being told what to say other that 'stay within your competency' i.e. don't critisise higher up as they won't know the full picture why decisions are made. As long as they stick with what they know and don't break OPSEC they can say what they want.

    Soldiers are not actors. Unless on the pull.
  14. Hah, vindication!

    Today started off with a bunch of WG leant against SNATCH.

    Good ministerial PR?

    And I LOVE KBR!

  15. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The bit yesterday was fairly well balanced when she was talking to Welsh Guardsmen and describing her journey. Showed some of the stress that went over there but it was stressed that it was more relaxed in the area where they were filming due to success on the ground. The CSM that talked was very up front about losing colleagues.
    They did talk about casualties and no-body was saying it was easy, and folk are allowed to smile and laugh when on tour.
    Or is that now banned?