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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Having just watched the BBC Programme-Wounded about the effects of an IED explosion on two young soldiers, Tom from 2 Para and Andy from the RIR, I just wanted to put down in this forum how totally humbled and moved I was, not only on their personal courage and outlook on life, but also on the dedication of the Defence Medical Services and NHS at both Selly Oak and Headley Court.

    As one who was completely cynical, at the time, following the cutbacks and drawdown of the Army back in the nineties, I just want to express my admiration and respect for the youngsters of today.

    You have left this old man totally ashamed of himself for harbouring such thoughts.
  2. After spending some time at Headley Court myself my ailments were knocked into a cocked hat and were minor compared to what I saw there and how the guys coped with injuries, injuries that would have most people giving up. I was humbled when I saw a young lad who had suffered a head injury and consequently some brain damage re-learning how to walk but like any soldier he wasn't happy with his progress and tried to run. He managed it through sheer determination even though he didn't go in a straight line, I was impressed and even though he was told off by his therapist I believe she was hugely impressed too.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of your post HS. While watching it my wife and I kept pausing to talk over what we had just seen or heard, because at times the skill, courage or just sheer bloody guts of the people on screen was awe inspiring.

    We concluded that the military (ok I mean Army) can always perform outstandingly when helping fellow soldiers or when truly up against it!

    The two lads in question deserve our utmost respect, as do the numerous others who do not get the attention of the BBC, and the medical staff, who really must question how many more terribly injured young people they will see, and yet, appear to perform fabulously everyday with a smile on their faces.

    It was a truly humbling programme, and yet immensely personal and interesting. Finally, it strengthens my view that no politician should be allowed to take up office without having first completed military service. They are the ones that needed to see this programme the most I feel.
  4. Oi guys! Over Here

    Edited: No need to apologise, just also thought you'd appreciate reading some of the similar reflections and comments.
  5. Thanks Deadreckon

    Not my intention to hijack someone else's thread, as I generally only read the forums of my old Corps, but just wanted to express my total humility and admiration for the courage of two very brave young men as they fight to get their lives back on track.

    Until I had a triple heart bypass, I was never very emotional, but I am not ashamed to say that the tears were gushing quite freely during this programme.
  6. I have fortunately avoided a triple by-pass but freely admit to blubbing at the sheer guts and determination of the two badly wounded soldiers. Brilliant documentary.
  7. So annoyed that I missed this. Does anyone know if it will be repeated?
  8. Just found out - repeated tonight (Friday), BBC 3, 2100hrs, for anyone else who missed it.
  9. I am sure it's available on BBC i-player already. Best thing Beeb have produced in years.
  10. I'm still trying to get through this large serving of humility I need to eat.

    Unfortunately I am still working on digesting a huge portion of pride that seems to be stuck in my throat.
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  13. Just watching it now and I have one huge fcking lump in my throat.

    I am humbled at their tenacity to continue.

    The legacy of those mentally and/or physically afflicted shall continue for decades and for many, for the rest of their lives.

    The Government does not deserve heroes like these.
  14. The Sgt in Selly Oak dealing with the Psyc side of things dropped dead 6 weeks ago ! More casualties!