BBC Programme: Real Story: Soldiers Speak Out:

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Arandale, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Real Story With Fiona Bruce.

    7:30pm Wednesday BBC1 Fiona Bruce. Soldiers returning from Iraq talk about the treatment they receive on their arrival in Britain.

    It will be interesting to hear what they have to say about their treatment on their return, does this relate to their medical treatment or their treatment generally by an ignorant hostile and uncaring British public?

    On Saturday in the City where I live, the Socialist Workers Party were vocally campaigning to stop the war. I approached the mouthpiece with the megaphone and spoke with him briefly.

    He was very quick to say that they do not blame the troops and that they support them once I’d stated that I was ex forces. He confessed that he was aware that many servicemen and women returning home have been subjected to misguided hostility from many quarters.

    I stated that if he appreciates that these brave men and women do not have a choice or the luxury of speaking out freely as he was doing then he and his socialist colleagues should make their support for the troops patently obvious.

    They are mounting a picket of Brize Norton in the near future and I asked why, the reply was that this was a massive airbase and this is where the troops are flow out to Afghanistan and Iraq and where they arrive back.

    My response was that if they appreciate that the troops are a disciplined body required to follow the orders of their political masters, then their picket would be better placed in Whitehall not outside Brize Norton – they looked rather taken aback by the impact of those words.
  2. good for you
  3. A well made point. If they don't blame the troops, why are they protesting in front of them?

    Blame the politicians who betrayed us, not us.
  4. Articles on the British Army from the SWP website (link)
  5. I read some of the articles from this paragon of probity and objectivity, the 'Socialist Worker' and here is an extract which is fairly typical:

    "The harsh, bullying regime destroys many of those who enter the army. The soldiers are put through back-breaking training sessions and mindless tasks like polishing boots to teach them to obey orders without question."

    Shock, horror!

    I cannot go on for laughing!
  6. The harsh, bullying regime I experienced 1972-83 and down under 1983-2006 mentally damaged me to the extent that now I'm a civvie ... I just can't help but polish my shoes ... every day. To whom do I send the claim? I've got tears running down my cheeks ...

  7. Don't fear the MOD has already addressed this problem. While there has seemed to be a higher than normal incidence of shoe polishing among former servicemen, we have found no evidence that this is in any way related to being a member of the armed forces. While this condition is regretable, the MOD cannot take any responsibility for this condition and therefore no monetary compensation will be issued.
  8. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    I too suffered with this terrible complaint. Shoepolishitis is no joke I can tell you!

    To think of the money I have wasted over the years on Kiwi, the terrible moments of indecision - "do I get black or brown with my last £2? Which do I need more?".

    Then, several years ago, I hit rock bottom. I bought C****Y. I am deeply ashamed of my actions and only share them here so others may benefit.

    I realised I needed help quickly. The NHS was no use - they'd seen too many cases of shoepolishitis, weren't convinced of its status and wouldn't commit funds. DAMN!

    Next port of call - Self Help. I followed the Spicer Self Help program. The idea behind it is to remove the individual from an environment where shoes need to be polished but to remain in an environment that is comfortable for the individual. I relocated to the Middle East and now wear DBs every day!

    It's a miracle! I am totally cured - I no longer get any hankering to polish anything, let alone shoes first thing in the morning!

    Now I just need to concentrate on kicking 40 fags and 20 cups of tea per day!
  9. I knew I was lost when one of my kids said, "Dad, why are you polishing under your shoes?"

    And DBs are no answer - they can be fetched up a treat with a small wire brush.

    retread2 (about to go home ... and clean his shoes)
  10. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Ah, Retread2, you misunderstand. One is allowed such small emotional crutches as a wire brush so long as it weens one off the greater evil - Polish! However, if you are polishing under your shoe arches and, no doubt, the welts, then I'm afraid you sound like you have a particularly virulent strain of this disease.
  11. Downing Street has issued a statement to the effect that the army didn't invent polish, and that shoe-polishing had been started by someone else. The fact that there is less shoe-polishing overall in the world today is due to the tremendous efforts of the UK military, whose dedication has been 'humbling'.

    The spokesman added that no shoe-shine boys have been been seen (or shot) on the London Underground this year.
  12. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    I've discovered a ltille rubber brush thing for DB's. good job or I was going to use Kiwi on 'em!
  13. I think I too suffer from shoepolishitis. I did not recognise it until I read this illuminating thread; but having arrived in my office this morning I have carried out my 2 immediate actions:

    1. Get ARRSE up on my PC
    2. Run my Kiwi Leather Express over my shoes (despite haviing used "proper" polish over the weekend.)

    I also find myself giving my shoes a sly rub over prior to going into customer meetings.

    Can I be helped?
  14. Thankyou for the levity gentlemen, just the thing for a Monday morning and all's right with the world. :D [for me it is anyway]
    ps....I still wear dessy boots [a la Aden style] after 40 odd years!!!!
    Is there any hope for me?
  15. Christ!!

    I must be suffering from Munchausens Syndrome. After many years of happily - happily mind You - cleaning my shoes once every couple of days, I am getting an increasing desire to clean my shoes twice a day.