BBC presenter James Naughtie's little slip

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Mar 7, 2005.

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    (pointed at by the good old Biased BBC blog)
  2. Er... you got a transcript of that mate? Not too hot with no speakers!
  3. Transcript just for you:

  4. And Miss Kirsty Wark has been appointed 'to shadow the Tories' during the coming election - that'll be nice and balanced then, wont it?
  5. What with her having a questionably cosy relationship with Mr McConnel?? :D
  6. That, Sir, is exactly the point I was making!! (I just couldn't remember the name of the unintelligible non-entity heading up the Sweaty's plastic parliament). Thank you.
  7. Don't get too stressed, like other Jock Labour Leaders, he'll be dead soon! (did i say that out loud?)
  8. What splendid news! Do you need a hand? Can you include all the Jock gits who've snuck under the wire and are now running this Country, or have you already got them in your cross hairs?