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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BBCPolshow, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    BBC1's Politics Show is producing a special Afghanistan programme on Remembrance Sunday.
    We'd welcome your thoughts, comments, and experiences on the campaign in Afghanistan - and also any questions you'd like us to put to politicians on your behalf.

    All the best.

    Ian Lauchlan,
    Producer, Politics Show, BBC1.

    PS: Site admin have given permission for this posting.
  2. I am sure many serving members would thank you for your interest and also for your candid approach, rather than more journalistic lurking. I do enjoy the Politics Show; I don't suppose you've got a picture of the presenter conducting an interview with a lady from Asia, do you?

    How long is the programme for? I think the most pressing questions would take some time to answer. Top of my list would be trying to get a straightforward mission statement: what are we there for and what is the end-state? Gaining some idea of the relative importance would also be good because most concerns stem from the disparity between what is said and the resources committed.

    Finally (and I'm sure Site Admin will have advised you on this), there are many people on here, myself included, who no longer serve. I would be wary of using the views expressed as wholly representative of the forces.
  3. There a lot of Cold War Walts on here, indeed my wife is married to one, so you need to filter the responses quite thoroughly.

    To be honest I'd like to understand what those who have actually been to Afghanistan really think and whether they think it is worth the cost. I'm sick of the whole media debate that focusses solely on Chinooks and the corresponding Governmnet spin countermeasures.

    miles-grloriousus hits the nail on the head "What is the mission and how long will it go on for?"

    If there's time I'd also appreciate a lingering full length shot of Sarah Falkand in that black shift dress she wears on Midlands Today and her glasses. Thank you
  4. I would like to know (from whichever political talking head happens to be present.):

    After nearly a decade in Afghanistan,during which we have seen hundreds of families lose loved ones,seen our best and bravest come home mutilated and sunk billions of taxpayers pounds into the conflict,does said talking head think that it is a price worth paying after the latest farce in the Afghan elections?

    Also I would be very interested to hear the reply to 'Would the governments reasoning and resourcing for our involvement in Afghanistan be good enough for you if your son or daughter were serving in Helmand province?'

    Just to clarify I have served over there.
  5. FYI - am wife of - so not serving.

    - Defence cuts, how can they be justified when comittment is being increased? Is this an enduring op? How can they take the money from the armed forces and yet ask so much of them?

    There has never been time when the Government and the opposition parties need to get their houses in order. It is important that everybody clearly states their intentions so we know what is going on and what the future looks like.

    Our welfare bill is too high - we cannot continue to carry loafers any longer. It is time for people of Britain to be stand up and be counted for. It is the politicians and Govt responsibility to sort out the mess and get the nation back on track so the we can be proud of our country and it's leaders once again. We need clarity and not woolly promises - please can everybody very clearly state their intentions. We need good leadership.
  6. How does the Government measure success in Afghanistan and are we being successful?

    Follow up question: Is this success worth the cost of soldiers' lives?
  7. The question I'd like asked (I don't really expect an answer) is:

    What is the end state we are trying to achieve in Afghanistan?

    After eight years involvement, we still await a concise aim. Is it to stop Al Qaeda using Afghanistan as its training base, to defeat the Taliban, to support the USA, to turn Afghanistan into a functioning democracy, to stop the opium trade? All of these have been trotted out at some point, none have really stuck. Moreover, none are really achievable with the assets we presently deploy.

    Having just looked at the other posts, what Miles Gloriosus said.
  8. I would urge readers to watch BBC2 tonight at 2030hrs "Into The Storm", a docu-drama about the life of a person called Winston Churchill, someone in Westminster who was proud to be British. It's on for 90 minutes, the same as a football match and the only thing that spoils it is the clash with the BBC1 programme "Life" which is on at the same time. But you can watch the repeat of "Life" on Sunday!

    Maybe it will shame some current MPs into doing a better job than they currently do.

    Rant over.
  9. I agree this is the most pressing issue. The goal posts have been shifted several times.

    I'd also like to know their thoughts on the Taliban pushing into Pakistan. As we know Pakistan is fairly unstable, so is there a threat of the Taliban somehow getting their hands on a Nuke a consideration?
  10. Do they have any intention of listening to the voices on the ground or will they continue to listen to senior MOD yes men regarding issues such as troop numbers, helicopters and Mission statement.

    Will they continue to ignore the advice of the likes of General Sir Richard Dannatt, GCB, CBE, MC? You know, experienced officers who have the backing of the troops because of the accuracy of what they say.

    In short when will they admit that the Yes Men they employ are full of the brown matter?
  11. Just one question: Why?
  12. Why bother we know they will just lie and spin everyone knows the facts, not enough helicopters going into a war that wasn’t ours; we should have waited 2 years like the Americans in ww2.

    But poodle Blair pleased Master Bush.

    As for it keeping the folks back home safe by not allowing terrorists to train, well you need to be in 100% control of the country for that not little bases and Kabul, a bit like the us cavalry with the Indians running riot outside the fort, they can train were they want when they want.

    Drugs? The Taliban stopped drugs when they were in power now the corrupt alliance are making more money from the poppy than ever.

    Yes the Taliban do evil things so do a dozen other countries, President Robert Mugabe for one but I don’t see the UK government doing anything about that so why the Afghans?

    We are the United Kingdom not the world Police.

    This story has only one end, and it’s not a happy one, even a half blind man should see that Mr Brown.
    Our soldiers died in the poppy fields of France now they die in the poppy fields of Afganistan except this time for nothing.
  13. Why can we afford to fund the swelling benefit system, overseas aid, bail out the banks and pay MP's extortionate amounts of money yet struggle to find cash to fight a war?

    Is it because we want to go on living comfortable Reality TV lives pretending that the war in Afghanistan isn't happening?
  14. Are they just going to sack it when it all gets too much like they did in Basra?

    Who do they think they are entering foreign nations, changing regimes when our own is an illegitimate sham?

    Do they honestly expect other countries to want to be more like the western world when we are over-run by crime, unemployment, corruption and financial ruin?

    Will Gordon promise to stop visiting the troops and instead leave the transport he uses free for the war effort? If he insists will he be a team player and travel by road seeing as he seems to think its safe enough to do so?

    Do they have any intentions of forcing the hand of NATO nations to start putting some real troop numbers on the ground?

    When the next budget cuts come round can they start looking at people who don't have a personal weapon/uniform issued to them first.

    How many MP's have immediate family members serving in the armed forces? Of that number how many of them think Afghanistan is being handled appropriately?

    Or if you can ask only one question:

    Why are we still there given the absolute sham that are the latest election scandals?
  15. When given professional advice,why do they frequently fail to take it on board?Or in some cases deny it.

    Why are we there?

    Ask them what you like,you won't get a straight answer.