BBC pay Criminal Your Money

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Priam, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Brendan Fearon (Criminal) was shot by Tony Martin (Farmer) while robbing his house. They both ended up in Prison as Fearon was climbing out of the window when Tony Martin shot him "and no longer posed a threat" (sounds familiar...where have I heard that??).

    Fortunately for us the BBC has used TV licence payers’ money to pay Fearon £4000-4500 for an interview to get his side of the Story :evil: .

    Their response to complaints was

    Henry Bellingham MP said

    "He was going to write to the chairman of the BBC, Michael Grade, and culture secretary Tessa Jowell expressing his concern over the decision"

    Feel free to E_Mail the BBC or Henry Bellingham MP with your views.

    Anyone agree with the BBC decision?
  2. This will probably be an unpopular viewpoint, but I think they were justified. What may come out of the program in terms of changing attitudes, public awareness etc could be worth far more than some petit thief, which is basically what he was.
    I in no way defend this convicted criminal, he should be paid to pay for what he's done and hopefully changes his ways. I don't like him benefitting from something he did in the past that is basically an abhorant act. Yet I still think what might come out of the program is more important.
    Remember the farmer did shoot the chap in the back, he wasn't a "threat" as such, think about your own ROE.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    "In the end it is for viewers to weigh up the credibility of what Mr Fearon has to say."


  4. Isn't it illegal for criminals to prosper through doing shows like this?

  5. only when they're in jail... I believe
  6. Crabby,
    on your ROE point agreed "(sounds familiar...where have I heard that??)".

    Chances of Fearon changing his way "Nil Points" program release date was delayed as Fearon was in court for something else (Newark Advertiser cannot find the Link).

    Was not defending Tony Martin, he can obviously do a fairly good job of that himself. Tony Martin did appear on several interviews for free and is bemused at the BBC Decision to pay Fearon.

    On your point "changing attitudes, public awareness" The vast majority of Joe Public seem to be apathetic towards what goes on around them until it directly affects them.

    Can you seriously condone a £4500 payment from a "public pot"? I would rather have sent the money to charity.
  7. Can sort-of see Crabby's viewpoint. Without looking on the links, the issue was raised on a radio program last Sunday and I think the program was shown during the week - possibly Thursday. The episode was one of the series where the events are reconstructed for viewing with added commentary from those involved and/or those who have a professional view to how the events happened. This episode showed the tragic events of that night at Bleak House and if the toerag wasn't given his chance to comment in this program, there would have been a long list of complaints and cries of prejudice from Fearon, a range of lawyers, equality and liberty personnel. I think Fearon actually demanded that fee to talk - not that it was offered to him. Actually, since being interviewed for this program, Fearon highlighted that his life hasn't been all sweetness and light as he's been threatened on the basis of his involvement in this crime :twisted:, and on watching the program, my opinion has not changed at all - although some might think it showed Tony Martin to be more of a cold killer than the victim.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    So, no loss there then. Until those involved in criminal activity start to forfeit their human rights, we are on a slippery slope.

  9. If this scrote was so keen to get his mesage across about how he and his poor chum were attacked by the nasty farmer, why did he charge £4500 to do so?
  10. A colour TV Licence costs £126.50 per year
    I think it is only fair that people like us should be asked what we want to see on television
  11. is it gonna be shown? if so when ive got to watch that hes my hero it best be on bfbs

    'incase anyones wondering this is sarcasm''
  12. I found this and am now even more threaders, £4500 FFS

    Fearon's criminal record goes back almost 20 years. Here is the full list of his convictions, along with the punishments he received from courts.

    Nov 1984
    Theft – 12-month supervision order. Obtaining property by deception – 12-month supervision order. Burglary and theft – 12 months supervision, £13 compensation, £30 costs.

    SEP 1986
    Handling stolen goods – £25 fine, £8 compensation. Assault – bound over for 18 months.

    SEP 1987
    Theft – £75 fine, £7 compensation, £20 costs.

    JAN 1988
    Criminal damage – £25 fine, £20 costs. Breach of binding over order – £25 forfeiture.

    SEP 1988
    Criminal damage – £50 fine. Failing to surrender to bail – £20 fine, £15 costs.

    MAY 1989
    Criminal damage – £50 fine, £65 compensation, £35 costs.

    MAR 1991
    Attempted burglary – 200 hours community service, £100 costs. Theft from vehicle – 100 hours community service (concurrent). Two counts of handling – community service (concurrent).

    OCT 1991
    Burglary and theft – two months suspended imprisonment, £35 costs. Equipped for burglary – two months suspended imprisonment, £35 costs.

    AUG 92
    Theft – one month imprisonment.

    FEB 1994
    Handling – two-year conditional discharge. Failing to surrender to bail – two-year conditional discharge (concurrent).

    JUL 1994
    Burglary and theft – 12 months imprisonment. Handling – nine months imprisonment (consecutive). Burglary and theft – three months imprisonment (concurrent). Theft – three months imprisonment (concurrent). Criminal damage – three months imprisonment (concurrent).

    MAY 1996
    Possessing controlled drug – £40 fine, £40 costs. Handling stolen goods – 18-month conditional discharge.

    DEC 1996
    Obtaining property by deception – 60 hours community service, £40 costs. Failing to surrender to custody – £25 fine. Breach of conditional discharge – 60 hours community service (concurrent).

    MAR 1997
    Wounding – 12 months imprisonment.

    MAY 1998
    Possessing controlled drug – £60 fine, £40 costs.

    JUN 1999
    Handling stolen goods – 140 hours community service.

    JAN 2000
    Conspiracy to burgle at Bleak House – three years imprisonment.

    FEB 2003
    Supplying heroin – 18 months imprisonment.
  13. Maybe it is about time you took a leaf out of the Australian Law books about NOT PROFITTING from the proceeds of Crime (including interviews post event, wether guilty or not)
  14. Isn't it a pity Tony Martin didn't do the job properly in the first instance? We wouldn't have to debate the rights and wrongs of how the BBC spend TV licence revenue if he had.
  15. Here Here right with you.