BBC Panorama 03/11/08 2030Hrs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Saw a trailer on the news & it looks interesting.

  2. Totally and completely true. Why is it such a surprise to Journo's ? To defeat the Talbain all you have to do is a) Make being a fighter so dangerous that no one wants to do it and b) Give the Afghans the chance to earn a living without taking the terrs cash

    B) Is the really tricky part.......... crack that and it all falls into place.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Starting now!!
  4. That was a very shallow and superficial programme; I thought "3 years reporting in Afghanistan" should have allowed the BBC to put together a longer and more heavyweight analysis of whats going on. Short mention of Pakistan, nothing about Iran, etc.
  5. Yet more "I was there when the shots were fired" saga.
  6. Is it worth a viewing on Youtube? Missed it :(
  7. My my are jurno's, a disgusting term, realizing that it's Politicians who start Wars, Troops fight them, Bleed, Suffer get Mangled and Tangled and quite often Die.
    Then when the political scum deiced they can no longer afford their Wars, They have to sit down and talk to the folk They declared the enemy, the people Their troops have fought.
  8. Cheers for that , missed it on the tele. Seems to be a solid , unbiased report. Makes for some sobering watching.
  9. Is there another way to view the programme for those of us based outside of the UK?
  10. If you have a bit torrent program; google "Panorama 3 bloody summers" theres a few places with torrents available. It might be an idea to keep an eye on here too, just in case.
  11. Sadly "very shallow and superficial programme" covers Panorama pretty well now.

    Once was a flagship programme but has been dumbed down to the point where it is complete and utter drivel. Their coverage on the financial crisis for example contained some very helpful "linking scenes" extending for some minutes that consisted of nothing more than actors walking around city centres wearing bowler hats.

    "Senior BBC bosses think that their current affairs programmes, including the award-winning Panorama, are too dull and serious. Instead, they want less serious shows which, they believe, will appeal to younger viewers.

    The drive towards entertainment is borne out by figures showing that current affairs output has fallen to its lowest peak-time level in more than half a century.

    Critical of the corporation's current affairs staff for producing programmes that are preoccupied with politics and news, the controllers of all four of the BBC's television channels have called for more shows in the style of controversial programmes including Fat Men Can't Hunt, F*** Off I'm Ginger and On The Fiddle.

    The controversial verdict, which will lead to fresh claims that the corporation is "dumbing down" and unnerve BBC staff already concerned about the diminution of "serious" programming, was delivered as part of research carried out by the Marketing, Communications and Audiences (MCA) unit, which is charged with "inspiring audiences to love the BBC".

    A senior source said: "The controllers have made their feelings known in no uncertain terms. They believe television is all about entertainment and ratings and that current affairs programmes have to fall into line with that idea just like any other kind of show."'dumbing-down'-at-expense-of-current-affairs.html