BBC on training for Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smithie, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Fook me is that George Galloway poking out the window?

    Interesting article anyway
  2. EDIT: Removed Sarcastic Bite, no need i guess no matter how fun or easy it is

    ....Anyway sounds interesting. So are they actually taking the Apache into combat now or they still flapping over yes/no?
  3. Yes, Royal Marines are
  4. Everything in media says yes. How do they fit into the operation though? Apparently not going after bin liner so is that kind of firepower really needed? Use of apache seems to go against what their apparent mission out there. However it will provide a useful firepower addition.

    I've just worked out American_Dominion. It's talking about green berets that did it. He's US "special forces". He's so special he's got his own window on the short yellow bus to lick :)
  5. Thankfully not your lot,such expertise we can well do without.
    'Iranian soldiers survey the wreckage of the aborted US military attempt to rescue hostages in the US Embassy in Tehran. Eight American servicemen died in a disastrous accident as the rescue forces pulled back from the mission.
    For some, the current political debate over the combat readiness of today's American military stirs memories of a long-ago event that, more than anything else, came to symbolize the disastrously "hollow" forces of the post-Vietnam era'

    Then came Somalia etc etc etc........................................................could go on but you bore me a_d.
  6. lets do the maths here.....

    Practising "screening" the streets and buildings around the village chief's house, is 18-year-old Private John Rowell.

    He is watching roofs for snipers and scouring the roads for home-made bombs.

    "I've been in the Army since 2002.
  7. Wibble! Wibble!
    You're [​IMG].
  8. Yet again, an American who has no grip on the real world, and truely does believe everything he sees in Hollywood films. Oh how they can re-write history...............
  9. Getting back to he original subject - anything that prepares the lads must be good.
  10. US Army "green berets" are about as shit as they come, mate.

  11. Sh!t it is! He moved quickly from CBB! Hmm, does prove a link between Iraq and Afganistan...Maybe there was something going on with Saddam SHOCK HORROR!!