BBC not happy with Clarkson

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by REMEbrat, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Career left in tatters?

    I bet SKY are hoping, along with him that they bin him.
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  2. I can't see him being unemployed for long.
  3. Will save him any worries about having to work in Manchester I suppose.
  4. Isn't he a public sector worker? Don't think he's on the same salary scale as me.
  5. I ******* hate the BBC though at least they don't do adverts. I ******* hate them even more.

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  6. Anyone who works for the BBC who holds any opinion on anything should be fired just incase someone may be offended.
  7. What an utter gay nation we are becoming.
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  8. Depends what Top Gear ratings are like, the BBC must quite like having a tame 'naughty boy' on the books. They paid the talentless J Ross, and incredibly precious and unfunny R Brand enough to behave like pricks, at least Clarkson has a wider appeal.
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  9. Yes. Toe-curling levels of grovelling to anyone and everyone who directs the merest frown at us, is the new national default position. It makes one sort of see the point of all that American Yee-whoop, USA Fuckyeah!, hand-on-heart stuff. Almost.
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  10. As a maypole.
  11. Clearly the BBC should calculate the income they have generated (and gladly accepted) from Clarkson over the years and refund it. Although something tells me they don't have enough money for that.
  12. Andrew Marr. BBC pay him 600k per year. Utter utter *****. If I paid my licence I would want a refund.
  13. I have never liked Clarkson. I wrote to him once calling him a ******. He should be sacked just for being a pratt, and because I don't lke him. Simples. He's had far more than his share of the cake and it's high time he pissed off. I bet he couldn't do the sort of ordinary job that he slags off all the time, and I bet he's not really qualified to do anything useful.
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