I really can't believe it!, just flicked BBC 1 on to catch the news, the news reader says A parade has taken place to welcome back Somme Company from serving in Afganistan, great thinks I, a well done for the Londons scene switches to parade FOR LITERALLY ONE FLIPPIN' SECOND!!!! just long enough to notice a mix of headgear (yep thats them)
Then shifts to give in depth coverage to some old blither about moving a church & who was there etc (to be honest I was so cheesed off I couldn't tell you much about it!) I just can't believe it. If one of the lads or lasses was in bother you could guarantee 'an in depth report'. I'm so disgusted I don't know what to do with myself Aaaagh! too peed off to type any more, W@nkers!!!
Read the return of Somme company for details
Yes mate thanks, have been reading it, I was just frustrated by the blink and you'll miss it item on their last bulletin, I think/believe the troops deserve a bit better.
Channel Four News gave the event a decent airing tonight.
Quite agree, i think it depends on regional tv, ours up here seem to spend a few minutes on returning battalions, a bit longer than the Somme Company got.

Oh an a belated welcome back to them.

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