BBC News: Up to 300,000 Undesirable Tourists Reported

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tremaine, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. "Brits are their own worst enemies"
    BBC 6.O'clock News reports tonight that Visas are being handed out "perhaps in error or deliberately" by officials. Further, expert witnesses might also believe that Visas are being handed out for "productivity" reasons. :?


    The Tories have siezed on these reports.

    "Up to 300,000 people may be in Britain, when "they shouldn't be", and "posing security risks". So, considering current security concerns and recent reports about criminal gangs, it's a good job our officials are helping to keep out the sh+te and undesirables, isn't it just. :roll:

  2. What does one expsct with this gonnerment, the coud'nt organise a peeup in a brewery
  3. Apparantly they're doled out without too many checks in order "to meet government productivity targets".
  4. There are a number of inherent problems in our immigration system, and I know as I used to work within it....

    In this instance the start point of the problem (unless there was a re-organization* since I left and spent years living abroad) is that the Visa checks/issuance is governed by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and the 'on entry' side of things (IO's are far more aware of the problems) is dealt with by the Home Office...and the two have different goals, agenda's & targets etc. A fair few of which are mutually exclusive.

    *This flawed process, answering to two different masters, was always a bone of contention between IO's and FCO staff.
    If it has all been re-org'd in the wake of the US 9/11 thing.... then it is all just fairly standard New LiarBlair incompetence.
  5. I think this was exposed a few years ago. Sad to see it's still going on.

    The government's been in the guano for years due to the number of asylum seekers entering the UK. When Tony 'Im a pretty straight sort of guy' Blair announced that he was taking personal charge of asylum, something had to be done.

    Trouble was, the asylum seekers kept arriving at Heathrow. What to do?

    The answer was simple. Turn the asylum seekers into instant tourists, students and visiting businessmen by dishing out visas like toilet paper. Hence the Great Leader could stand up in Parliament and announce that asylum claims had plummeted.

    This wheeze was brought to us by the same folks who tell us that there are only 1.8 million unemployed while the government makes 22 million benefit payments each month.
  6. You think you've got problems? We've just heard there are six million solo Chinese yachtsmen sailing towards Australia . . .