BBC News - Selfish Adults Damage childhood

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chavalryman, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I read this online earlier and wondered what the great and the good on Arrse thought about quite a few posts center on the antisocial antics of chav children.


    I am keen to hear your views, given that we as soldiers (Reg/TA) place a great value on shared/common goals, have the rest of the adult civilian population got it wrong?

    And for those CFAV's out there does the sentiment echoed in the article reflect your cadets?
  2. The themes explored are not that new, it is no surprise that the pursuit of individual success in excess is damaging to society.

    The truth is that where in the past the dues paid to oneself and to society were balanced, there is a skew towards the individual today which has consequences not just towards those close to you but in the expectations of society in general, the fallacy that every can and should be special or successful is driving everything from gun crime to adolescent eating disorders and suicide.

    Indirectly it adds to young people following boll ocks self-serving degrees like media studies instead of science or medicine which offer both individual satisfaction and value added to society. There is no point denying that the world could live on albeit boringly forever without the arts

    The seeds of this were sown in the eighties, 'no such thing as society etc', home ownership as the measure of success not as genuine improvement to quality of British Lives but as adherance to an ideology which has recently crashed and burned spectacularly, namely individual aquisition and greed is for the common good.

    It will take a generation to change this way of thinking, but this recent shift in global fortunes may help significantly, but not if those who precipitated it are allowed to get away with it. Labour has lost its way, but so have the Conservatives- the slow tendency towards the middle (bottom/lowest common denominator) has robbed politics of anything radical to aim towards- once the NHS was radical.

    Children are naturally the product of the parents and thereby society, parents are so dedicated to aquistion and so anxious about the ability to provide they risk their own fertility and their babies health by having them later. Alarm Bells must surely ring?

    Those who serve, Armed Forces, NHS, Fire(ahem) are an anachronism is a lot of ways, old fashoned in their thinking. I was selfish when I started- I wanted a job that meant that it was big deal if I didn't turn up in the morning- not that someone might not get their coffee quickly or a bank didn't make some extra money, plus I wanted a bit of adventure- I struggle to understand how anyone goes to work in bollocks TV and makes shi te like Property Ladder but many do, or do PR for oil companies etc- each to their own, but sadly I'm in the minority, and I/we will be for a long time if things continue as they are.

    Rant off.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I don't know they're always picking on the church.
  4. I posted this on a divorce thread last september, I suspect it's still relevant;

    'I can't think of one of my sons friends whose parents are still together - and it seems to be mainly selfishness on one (or both) of the parents part.

    We're breeding a generation of kids who will hate their parents for putting them last.

    There's gonna be a lot of sad, lonely OAP's wondering why the kids don't call....'

    The main reason I left the Army was the effect it was having on my family....and this was before 9/11.
  5. In the main, you look at the child and you know what sort of home He / She comes from, as I said "In the main"!

    And this study cost HOW much of tax payers money and how much more to fix the problems NOW is OUR society?

    What a waste of time and newsprint!

    Just get on a fix it, IF they can!
  6. I think it's another 'scapegoat' study. Anything to place blame away from the government. The idea of the 'stay-at-home' mum is a middle/upper class invention. The majority of mothers worked (often holding down multiple jobs). Trying to blame the averice-based society on the general populace is foolish. Just look at the Governments response to the credit-crunch, they want us to buy our way out of recesion! Ridiculous, it's a fanciful attempt to try and return to non-existant Victorian values.
  7. Where I live it was once perfectly possible for anyone on a reasonable wage to buy a decent family home on that alone; since the late 1980s this has not been feasible. In addition, pretty good quality council housing - secure/ fair rent etc - was readily available to families.

    Now you're pushed to afford private ownership unless there are two wages coming in, and even then most are badly overstretched. It seems that priority for "social housing" is given to those who will not work & have a somewhat vague appreciation of parental commitment/ responsibility. What passes for "council housing" is located in areas where decent people, esp with young families, would rather not live.

    Inexorably, since the 1970s, "Social Policy" has systematically undermined the nuclear family - indeed most social workers known to me are hostile to it. There is a boneheaded refusal to accept the mass of evidence that the overwhelming majority of children do best in a "traditional" family unit - cognitive dissonance has indeed been institutionalised.

    What passes for "Education Policy" lacks coherence - a political football; teachers subjected to incessant interference in the classroom driven by mad ideologues (pace Social Services) & spineless careerist sh1ts. We could easily provide "excellence for all" on current resourcing - indeed on significantly less, if truth be told! - if we cut the bullsh*t, focused on the essentials, and... put most of the army of experts, "consultants", LEA bureaucrats, "special advisers" et al back in classrooms to demonstrate the effectiveness of all they preach/ impose. Those who cut it could stay - massively improving pupil/ teacher ratios; the majority wouldn't last 6 months...and could feel free to peddle their snake oil on the open market.

    Yes, there's a lot wrong with British society today. Yes, some adults are selfish, & this harms their children. But most of what's wrong is the consequence of an Establishment Left/ Liberal consensus that has held sway for too long. Not good enough, IMO, for the "Bien Pensant" ******* who've engineered so many of the preconditions that have allowed such a sorry state of affairs to emerge to blame it on the "selfishness" of today's adults. We have a deeply polarised society - "The Coping Classes" (which includes, BTW, what's left of the traditional "Working Class") are all of them - at many levels, literal & metaphoric - are being made to pay, and pay, and pay again for the failing policies of an effete oligarchy who need a supine/ socially dysfunctional "Lumpenproletariat" in order to sustain their own power. The authors of this report are sort of correct, in some ways, but as befits the types they are, they miss the hard targets alway, hit the easy ones.
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    msr LE

    And in other news - bears sh1t in the woods.

  9. I like Bears and they do bring up their young well, no Xbox, reefers or booze.....
  10. It's incoherent rubbish, the report. Seems to be anti-modern throughout and contradicts itself in numerous places.
  11. It's still pretty sobering though. I divorced my HMF husband 9 years ago and have been single pretty much since. I chose the harder option of self-employment so I could work around the kids. They are seemingly well balanced, normal kids, doing well at school. Dad remarried almost immediately to someone they've never particularly got on with. I am that single working mother talked about in the report.

    I discussed the report with them and I asked them if they think they would have been different if their father and I had not divorced. They said they would have been happier, less stressed, probably less mature and more naive.

    For those serving reading this be aware the military divorce rate is now topping 55% - 60%. Three quarters of divorces are instigated by women. I wish that two intelligent, educated people had had the wit and humanity to work out their differences and reached a working compromise and not broken the hearts of their children. I thought I had done a good job in the last 9 years but I'm beginning to wonder.

    Also, I'm not sure any family could live on one salary in this day and age (not unless they are bankers.....)
  12. Bear youths? Violent, unwashed animals, the lot of them!
  13. any 'university professors' I have ever come across would be considered to be 'excessively individual', and usually reach their position through 'pursuing private advantage'. I assume that they did not have to go too far to find the evidence of children who are 'unpopular with other children'.