BBC news night apology to H4H

The BBC are shoddy because they are arrogant.
In a psychiatrist's (or is it trickcyclist's?) word game, "BBC" would have at one time have produced responses like: "truth", "reason", "integrity" it's more likely to get you "lies" and "nonces!"

It's high time that the overmighty media lovey tumbling ground of the BBC was humbled to ****, if not eradicated!
BBC News - BBC apologises for Newsnight Help for Heroes report

"Following an investigation by its Editorial Complaints Unit, the BBC now accepts that its coverage was misleading and unfair to Help for Heroes.

"The BBC gave the impression that Help for Heroes was responsible for shortcomings in the provision of support to wounded veterans. The editorial complaints unit found no evidence to support this suggestion.

"Although it was legitimate to report the concerns of veterans, the BBC portrayed criticisms about overall support by a number of agencies as specific criticisms of Help for Heroes. This unfair impression was reinforced by our coverage of the story in other outlets.

"In addition, the Newsnight report contained interviews with two contributors which were edited in a way which misrepresented their views."

"Although a representative of Help for Heroes took part in a studio discussion which followed the Newsnight report, the response of Help for Heroes to the criticisms wasn't properly reflected.

"This contributed further to the unfair impression of Help for Heroes, for which the BBC wishes to apologise."

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