BBC News Last Night - Woman wanting to know why she should be treated so cruely !!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by headgear, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. This topic links to benefits caps but I thought that because it nicely highlighted some of the problems in society today it deserved its own post:

    Last night on the BBC news a single mother, living in a house in London (judging from the footage looked quite nice too) whose high rent is currently being paid for by the benefits system, was outlining her absolute disgust to the interviewer on the subject of potential benefit caps and how it would impact on her "comfortable living" in the event she had to move out to cheaper lodgings - my point is that I could not believe she was so ignorant and arrogant as to believe that the benefits system is there to keep her in comfort rather than to be at a level to sustain her and her kids until she found work and started paying her way. I was absolutely disgusted with her attitude and cant believe people like this are not being 're-educated' with a boot ***********!
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  2. She clearly believes that it's her right to be supported by the State for the rest of her life (or until the 16th birthday of her youngest sprog when sh'll get a very rude awakening).

    My son had a lovely flat on the Marina. When he was made redundant and split up with his girlfriend he found he couldn't afford to keep the flat on and moved to a cheaper place to rent, no dramas. Of course, he wasn't expecting the State to cater for him.
  3. Why is this thread on this forum?

    I am not sure on the rules of engagement here, is it a sensible comments only forum like Current affairs or is it a free fire zone like the NAAFI ?

    Can someone get it shifted to the right forum while I go and first parade the outrage bus.
  4. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    I too, sat mouth agape, which was not a pretty sight as I was half way through dinner at the time. Even Mrs Foodspoiler, who is usually supportive of the poor and downtrodden - her being a social worker and all, could not contain her amazement at this persons statement.

    Perhaps it was a cunning plan? Get a fleet of outrage charabancs fired up and all seats taken, thereby ensuring overwhelming support from any tax payer who might take exception.

    I wish this was in the NAAFI bar, got a bad case of tourettes being held in check.
  5. She is the type who queers the pitch for everyone else. For those in real need, not a 'want' situation. No-one has an absolute right to live in central London.
  6. The trouble is, there are millions of people in UK - including many Arrsers, to judge by comments on threads - who have been so imbued with the socialist agenda that they just don't "get it". They just do not understand where money (benefits) comes from, or the effect the crippling tax burden (to pay for benefits) has on the UK economy, or the profound injustice and unfairness felt by the dwindling number of people who have to pay for everything - the private taxpayer & contributor.

    I've recently met five sets of prospective tenants for a flat - five families filtered by the agents and where one or both parents has a profession and works. Out of the five families, four are renting because they've sold their houses as precursor to emigration (Canada, USA, Australia). It used to be a rarity meeting families about to take the big emigration leap, now its frighteningly commonplace. All have the same story: they're fed up with struggling to get ahead in UK, and feel profoundly unhappy that they have most of their earned income removed in order to support the welfare state with all its absurdities and profligacy. I understand that the reaction of many will be "good riddance; bye-bye!", but that merely underlines my first point......
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  7. Sorry - I posted this in the wrong forum but cant work out how to move it to the NAAFI bar - perhaps a MOD could move it for me?
  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I thoiught it curious that he British Socialist Broadcasting Corp ran this. I assume they just assume that everyone else will be like themselves and deeply sympathetic to this disgusting sponger.
  9. Sixty

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  10. Wuuuhooooo, everyone pile in, we've found an unmoderated forum, anything goes :)
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  11. You couldnt even stick that ugly boot on the street to make money, she has every right to be pissed off.
  12. Reaction from another single mother last (on Sky I think). She stated that she was unemployed, then in the next breath complained about the how the benefit cap would make it impossible for her to afford child care! Sadly the interviewer didn't have the balls or the foresight to ask the obvious question - "what do you need child care for if you're not working?"
  13. We go on about the spongers of society a lot, but a question does anything get done about it, more and more people are finding it easier to have 30 kids, not work and rely on the benefits system, to pay them an income worth more than the average workers income.

    We have seen it as a hot topic to the press because people think the world owes them a living. Those who go out to work and at the bottom end of the food chain don't stand a chance in modern life in the UK because it is becoming too expensive.

    I personally think that benefits should only be paid for a short period to enable individuals to get off there Arrse and become one of the working elite. Allowing them to claim and claim reduces any incentive to work, plus becoming too used to this money which allows them good TVs holidays etc all paid for by the state.

    Have people got no self esteem, quite happy to gob off in the papers and advertise that they are a scrounger, Chav and work shy......

    This is obviously my opinion until I am out of the army and want an easy life, get ready wife, 5 more babies please :)
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  14. So she can go work cash in hand at primark, then go bingo.......
  15. She doesn't need to work cash in hand if she does less than 16 hours she can keep the dosh and her benefits!
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