BBC news item high lights shortfall in troops.


16 AA in Helmand contact

Having read this and scrolled down to the last line I was astounded to see that the manning shortage had reduced scales so severely!

To quote an MOD spokesman: "A company of about nine troops fired warning shots against the enemy force, largely Taleban," he said.

Used to be more than that in my time! Never mind at least rounds down the range!
Shhhh...don't tell the Armed Forces Minister...he is still playing ostrich.

With more defence cuts to come A Coy should be at least Sect strength soon.
Honestly. How the fu*k is the press ever going to report anything correctly if the MoD can't get it right in the first place! That spokesman needs beating with a shovel.
Hmm wonder if that was a British Apache (probablynot though) mentioned? First time it shoots something it takes out something French! :) Would be a good start for a new bit of kit!

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