BBC news, is the tone changing?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Perturbed, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. The last few days I have come of the opinion that BBC TV news seems to be showing a lot of reports about the armed forces. Most of them seem to be presented in a positive way.

    Now this is a subjective thing so I could well be wrong. What do others think?

    Tonight alone I have seen stories about the RN capturing coccain and the brain damage from explosions story.
  2. I’m not sure if that accurate, but I have noticed more adverts for recruitment, makes sense to pad that out with “good” stories in the news?
  3. Probably only due to the fact its rememberance coming up, so they and the rest of the media feel obliged to be pro-forces, though maybe thats just being cynical
  4. You will need to expand on that. What have recruitment adverts got to do with the tone of news stories?

    I have also noticed a lot of recruitment adverts recently. That could be down to two thing
    1) There are more adverts.
    2) I am noticing them more.
    not an X-OR function.
  5. i also noticed a poppy tray in the queen vic!
  6. Guiltly concious.
  7. The BBC

    16 minute broadcast about the England Rugby Team (who came second) returning to the UK and a 10 second broadcast about the boys returning to the UK from ops in has changed
  8. well no you are right there, they seem to be ashamed about reporting anything to do with armed forces, weather it is positive or not..... it really makes me angry.....
  9. Like Peturbed I've noticed an improvement in the amount of Forces stories and in the positive slant of the stories. On all the main channels BBC, ITV and Sky. Not sure why.... hope its a realisation of the debt we all owe to these brave men and women (our son amongst them or course!). It could just as easily be that time of year. We'll see.
  10. If there is a perception that major channels are now placing a positive slant on the Armed Forces, then it would be legitimate to ask precisely who or what is the directing hand behind it and for what purpose? If there is a clear purpose then it is equally legitimate to inquire as to whether and to what extent other areas of the news is managed in such a way as to alter public perception and manipulate public opinion!

    Counties in which governments managed the news were at one time called dictatorships or am I being old fashioned!
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Feck me - them's some big leaps of logic.

    BBC, Channel 4 and the Independent all do pro-troops storues; ergo "some mastermind is behind it all"?


    I'd go with:

    A: Dissillusioned with LieBar gunmint, press is looking for strong examples of deceit/spin/failure.

    B. Current sandbox adventures and associated shortfalls (moral/physical) provide examples in quantity.

    MoD/Gunmint has long lost 'control' of the press - if ever it 'controlled' the press in the first place.

    If there is a perception that some major channels are placing an emphasis on the Aremd Forces - it is because the AF are a particualar avenue of attack on a gunmmint which - depite recent ahnges of face - is seriously unpopular.

    Wot a great way to sell copy.
  12. Interesting response stonker. It appears your conjectural analysis has the same currency of value as mine :wink:


  13. There is apparantly a new younger generation of journos and editors coming up who weren't part of the set that pinned their hopes on Bliar when it was elected; swallowed its toss, became fellow travellers and spun on its behalf.

    Labours had its day and there may be more balanced reporting in the future (within the parameters set by the big corporations that own the 'independent' media and the political appointee that runs the Beeb)
    The media is manipulated by a host of forces and what we read in the rags or see on TV is a fraction of the news.

    But it is possible that the forces will have a few good months or even years from the media if it sells their papers and pleases their advertisers.
    There are some very powerful strings being pulled behind the scenes at the moment.
  14. Indeed ….Brown is a politician whereas Blair was a diva….it could be Brown is just putting his house in order…..
  15. This tends to be local news, Mr Smith in Devon is not that interested in the return of the RAnglians, but to Mr Smith in East Anglia it is important. My local news had a bit about the RAnglians coming home.

    Maybe with jobs on the line they are not wanting to rock the boat and draw attention to themselves when the management is looking to get cheaper labour in.