BBC News implied racism "New Orleans policemen suspended"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Int_N_Sly, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. I was so annoyed by the 'mostly white' comments on this report on TV this morning I put in a complaint. FFS does the BBC really need to go looking for racism behind every act?

    "New Orleans policemen suspended I think the reporting of Police being 'Mostly white' is dreadful - surely there is enough racism in the world without needing to imply it. Were the Police 'Mostly right handed'? As a left handed person I think we should be told. Equally the fact that the Police involved were 'Minority black' should this have not be reported as a 'black-on-black' act?"
  2. I wonder if the BBC will get that seat on the UN security council they're obviously gunning for.

    I gave up with them long ago,prefer to read the telegraph online.
  3. Could be they were trying to subtly tell you that racism is alive and well in some areas of the USA.

    I spent some time in N Orleans and visited a few rural communities nearby, I was shocked by how openly racist people were. A senior legal chap explained to me how blacks have a rape gene and basically can't help themselves when comfronted by a white female! This followed an episode where having got lost I got out of the car and approached a bunch of black kids to ask directions and in doing so scared the living sh1t out of the remaining occupants. It is not so long ago that they voted in a Governor who was a senior member of the KKK.
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Sorry matey, IMnotsoHO comments about racism being dead and buried are rubbish, to comment on the state of affairs in the US you need to have some experience of it, and if you did. You would not be posting your mail. Whilst I dislike the BBC in many ways, its not wrong in its report.
  5. I can't see a problem either. The fact that a black guy got seven bells kicked out of him by a bunch of white coppers is obviously going to raise the issue of racism. The BBc are merely saying that the issue will be raised, not that it was a racist attack.

    Although it probably was.
  6. I don't personally see anything wrong with that report, and I'm usually the first over the top when it comes to having a go at the BBC.

  7. It's funny, having experienced Fox and CCN, I'd come to the conclusion the BBC wasn't as biased or sensationalist as most. I'm suprised to see it getting stick...
  8. Racism is a Fact of Life.
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I would suggest that we (brit military idiots) hold the BBC "look at the brave british tommys charge the enemy guns - he's had his mates killed but he's not down hearted is he!" in higher regard than we hold facking w ank septic telly that we hold in the same regard as the facking scum.

    Or am I talking out of my arrse?