BBC News - Families anguish over Pakistan missing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Whats that you say? Your brother was sympathetic to the Taliban? Why yes, we'll do all we can to help you and your family back in Pakistan.
  2. hey, you can't say that. They were all doctors and everything surrounding their disappearence is shrouded in a 'veil of secrecy' and it's all our fault. Personally speaking, if these 'openly supportive of the Taliban' folks, have went out there to join the cause, then I hope that they're all f*cking dead. And I hope it hurt.
  3. No one has asked if any of them had an Aston Villa Tatoo!
  4. So were those who tried to do the airport in Scotland!
  5. "Yes, he was sympathetic of the Taliban - that doesn't make him a criminal,'' said Zaheen while clutching a photograph of her brother.

    Hopefully he wont be returning back to the UK, If the Taliban are our enemy they should intern all Pakis or give them the choice to go back.......
  6. "The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office said in a statement:

    "We are concerned at reports that thousands of people have been detained without access to a judicial process.""

    Obviously R-M is not included in this statement. Mine would be a bit shorter "Tough sh1t".

    No pleasing some people - they want sharia law and then when they get a taste of it ...............
  7. Too true, thats why they like to live in the UK for their freedom, and spout their religious shite and how they love Pakistan...but when the sandle is on the other foot they want to be british again.

    As Alf Garnet said " Blady wogs send em back" LOL

    PS If his sister was causing that sort of stuff in pakiland then she'd be "down a well" by now
  8. there's no "have your say" on this...
  9. Well there's a surprise. There Mods wouldn't allow any comments to be posted that actually said what people actually think. The BBC is not unbiased and is into sensationalist journalism the same as the tabloid press
  10. I was saying the same thing but being very subtle
  11. well interment turned out so well here did'nt it :(
    much better if the pakistan goverment came clean over who it was holding and why.
    then we could all laugh at dead terrys
  12. Sorry not exactly known for my subtley
  13. It's a shame we don't drop a few LGB's on Birmingham and make a few more of them disappear at source. :evil:
  14. Who says they have been interned? And if they have been it won't be in a place like the Lazy K holiday camp you can bet your flip flops on that!