BBC News Blocked in Vietnam

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eodmatt, Dec 29, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone have any idea why BBC news is blocked in Vietnam? It wasn't always the case, but recently it has been impossible to access on the web. I'll try and access the Beeb on sat TV tomorrow, but for now it isn't possible to access the Beeb on the internet here.
  2. [h=1]Court appeal of dissident Vietnam bloggers is rejected[/h] [​IMG] Nguyen Van Hai (centre) is a vociferous critic of the government
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    An appeals court in Vietnam has upheld the sentences of two prominent bloggers jailed in September for "anti-state propaganda", a lawyer has told the BBC.
    The court ruled that the sentences and convictions of writer Nguyen Van Hai and former policewoman Ta Phong Tan should not be overturned.
    Nguyen Van Hai and Ta Phong Tan received 12 and 10 years in jail respectively after a brief trial.
    In a separate development, another top blogger has been arrested.
    Le Quoc Quan, one of Vietnam's best-known dissidents, was arrested on Thursday on charges of tax evasion, state media reports say.
    Mr Quan was detained as he took his children to school in Hanoi.
    He has been jailed before, and had recently complained of being under surveillance and harassment.
    Vietnam's communist rulers have opened up the economy, but suppress political opposition and ban private media. All newspapers and television channels are state-run.
  3. Given your profession, one has to wonder who would want to trade places with you notwithstanding your "exotic" location about which some say you are bragging.
  4. So what has this to do with blocking the BBC?
  5. Ah, the enlightened new Vietnam.
  6. No idea but that's all I got when I googled bbc news banned in vietnam
  7. Well, JJ, this is my current location, which is warmer and cheaper than UK and with a lot less PC bollocks to contend with. Most of the other locations I end up in are a lot less friendly.

    However my original question, which has evoked some predictably idiotic as well as sensible responses, remains unanswered.
  8. Aha, that was a BBC news item, then?
  9. Johnny Foreigner has a habit of blocking news that doesn't suit. PRC, DPRK, Iran are all well known for it. Vietnam does it as well. Is your ISP account in your name? They actually block selectively and a few bob might sort you out.
  10. Yes but no point posting a link if it's banned, wondered if it could have been banned for that reporting of propaganda.
  11. Yep, thanks Grac, and Jarr, it all makes some sense. But oddly BBC news appears to be available on sat TV here according to a couple of bars I called.

  12. Sat? Different department? Dunno, who knows the ways of Peoples Popular ISP's?
  13. Doing a google search, apart from arrse crayoning for today, it looks like it's a common job, reports of it happening going back over a few years. As and when they feel fit
  14. How odd Matt. I cannot get VC1 or VC2. ("Outside the wire" on Charlie 3 is watchable, but a bit fuzzy...)

    Perhaps it's an astronomically thingy.