BBC News 24 this morning

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fuctifino, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. I was happily having a cuppa and watching the news this morning when as a trailer for Panorama tonight a young Lance Jack from The Rifles was interviewed about his part in an operation, what caught my eye and the reason for the post is that i couldn't actually spot anything that appeared to be "issue" kit on him.

    Now don't get me wrong this is not a dig, I am pretty sure that his CO or at least his Badge will have laid down some fairly strict instructions on how he was to be attired on the BBC, in which case I can only assume that someone has decided to make a statement about issued kit, now it always was pretty poor so I can only assume that it is still assembled by the lowest bidder from a weak group.

    So, unless hooded windproof smocks and Reggie sweatshirts are actually on the QMs shopping list these days, it is very refreshing to see someone else being prepared to make a public statement about the shite quality of gear being handed out. Good on you Chap.
  2. Sorry to p1ss on your chips, but hooded smocks are issue these days. Reggie Sweatshirts - KAPE?(or a bit of free advertising for the Rifles?) Just a guess.

  3. i think his hat, sorry, beret was?
  4. Saw that. Don't know much about modern kit issues (58 pattern, SLR etc.).
    However he told his story about his wound, pretty nasty. No dramatics, just facts. Then said he was going back with his mates. IMO an excellent example of a British soldier. Well done!!
  5. Heed,

    You can p1ss on my chips whenever you like matey, just don't expect me to eat them, didn't realise about hooded smocks, so apologies for appearing to be a newspaper rattling old tw@t, and fair point on the Regt'l Sweatshirt, but when his smock is zipped up? Like I said I have no issues with what he was wearing, in fact I applaud it, I just still have bad dreams about being dragged up for being improperly dressed, but then maybe it was simply because i looked like a bag of sh1t tied up in the middle with some baling twine.

  6. My apologies, I appear to have come across as more abrupt than I should have done, with reference to my bold, not at all.

    Fact is I didn't see the spot, so perhaps I should shut my clanging manhole and go and do some work eh? :oops:

    Aren't you supposed to look like a bag of shyte? So thats why the boss looks at me morosely and shakes his head........
  7. fuctifino

    Pretty much everything this lad had on was issued

    The new hooded smock, CS 95 trousers and Meinedl boots (on issue on Ops)
  8. Is the point you are making a.) his kit b.) the fact he was wearing it on the Beeb.
    If a.), I just got back from Poland - I don't think I saw any two people wearing the same thing. Just the way it seems to be outside barracks these days (and to a certain extent in barracks)
    If b.), the point of the piece was his story, which will have overridden worries about his kit for most of the small number of people who actually know about uniform (most civvies don't)
  9. In all fairness he was wearing his army issued green Y-Fronts and socks.

    Looks like a good programme tonight, just set SKY+ on record because I may not be too Coherant tonight after the seniors visit to the officers mess later today :pissed:
  10. Shouldn't UK-based troops in November be wearing 'trousers I surrender?'

    (AKA Barrack dress; Quite smart but yer can't fight in 'em!)

    To be serious I saw the news article & look forward to seeing the programme.