BBC News 24 - report on Iraq deaths

Not sure if any of you just saw BBC News 24 but they just ran a feature on the death of Cpl Mark Cornish who was killed by a mortar in August.

It was one of the best and most sensitive items of news covering the death of a serviceman I have seen. There was a very in depth and eloquent interview with his father plus lots of pictures and footage of the lads out there right now. Very emotive and supportive.

They are running a feature tomorrow at the same time 1330hrs on other soldiers who have lost their lives out there - is this the beginning of greater recognition for the brave lads out there who have made the ultimate sacrifice?

Well done BBC.
I think it may have something to do with the time of year but well done for doing it.
Would be better if it was on BBC1 so it could be seen by the majority
Yes - good to see. Helps inform those who, shall we say, were slightly OTT on this thread that the broadcast media are ready to highlight armed forces losses. I expect we may see a bit more of this sort of thing in the run up to Remembrance Day in what has been a God awful year for the armed forces in terms of killed and injured.

Good on the BBC.

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