BBC must become more impartial.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smartascarrots, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. According to an internal report. Clicky.

    Does this mean going back to critically analysing government pronouncements rather than just meekly accepting them in the hopethe DG gets to keep his job?

  2. Oh thats made my day :D :D

  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Impartial, apolitical and independant of view. BBC used to hold up to all of these terms.

    Yes but it also means that the politicians relax some of the control they have grabbed using the argument of oversight on public money spends. They now have too much influence, IMHO.
  4. BBC America is about as partisan and biased as a station can get so it's hillarious to me that they are seen as being a government mouthpiece by you folks...

    Heck, they just ran a made for television movie about Tblair being put on trial... made him look like a rather nasty individual who'd be a suitable opponent for Bond in the next 007 flick. :D
  5. Here's the internal BBC memo.

    My problem with this is that Producer Guidelines have been in place for years, developed by Editoral Policy and setting out all the rules that are necessary. So what's new here?

    Furthermore the so-called 'new' "12 Guiding Principles" are only there for programme makers to "interpret" rather than 'obey' in the way that, say, military orders are.

    Guess what? It's all bollix and another total waste of time.

    One of the most serious charges in the report was brought against the Beeb's coverage of "single issue politics", like climate change. This is where a large element of bias was detected.

    And who would have thought it? BBC bigwigs are having a big climate change 'conference' very shortly, featuring Al Gore and a bunch of other academics and pseuds, all of whom are being flown into the UK so that "impartial" Corporation chods can grovel and scrape to them.

    Doesn't sound very impartial to me....

    End of rant.
  6. "The Trial of Tony Blair"? Wasn't that a Channel 4 production?
  7. Probably, BBC America broadcats a surprising lack of BBC programmes. It likes to show Benny Hill, the Avengers, and other old shows made by Thames, ITC, and Channel Four. The few programmes that were originally commissioned by the beeb are all the dross daytime fare.

    The regular half hour newsbroadcast is, however, taken from BBC World.
  8. Many have been saying this for a long time now, as of yet they have stopped short of playing the imperial march from star wars when showing British, American or isreali troops, but they carry out there bias in a subtle way, missing out key parts of the story, giving unwarrented airtime to unelected lobby groups (shami chakrabati must have clocked up a few days worth of airtime, ditto gareth pierce) chosing an audience make up of a certain religion for question time, finding words other than terrorist to describe those who plant bombs in public places with the aim of killing and maiming as many innocent people as possible etc etc

    It is made much worse by the fact that they are trusted throughout the world, and one of the most popular news chanels worldwide, and the fact that they are funded by the British taxpayer.
  9. On the politics show last Sunday, the presenter grilled a Conservative politician (I can't remember who) about the party's domestic policies as if the Conservatives were in power with the same policies failing. it wasn't just devil's advocate stuff, it was outright hostility.

    I have never seen a Labour politician (let's not forget that they are in power and many of their policies are failing) grilled in the same manner about domestic policy, nor a Liberal Democrator green party politician treated with anything other than kid gloves.
  10. I'm not one to usually BBC bash, but it has got painful over the last couple of years. It has become institutionally anti-American, anti nuclear and anti forces. I also am uneasy about what has become a regular "Muslim opinion of the day" slot on the Today Programme.

    Compare and contrast the archive Falklands War BBC news footage broadcast on Sunday on BBC Parlament Channel, with the style of contempoary news. It was light years better than what passes for informed news coverage today.

    Libby Purves makes some interesting reading on this, in todays edition of the Times - especially about the lack of coverage for Trafalgar 200:

    I'm beginning to think that a licence fee strike could send a message.
  11. I disagree only in that I'd call it the muslim spouting islamic b*llocks slot.
  12. I'm not too sure what more impartial might actually mean. It's either impartial or it's not. You can't have degrees of impartiality.

    In any event, the word simply does not appear in the BBC dictionary.
  14. Try to compare BBC with other main-stream Western mass-media and you would find that BBC is the most impartial one.

    This call 'be more impartial' is clearly Orwellian and really means 'be more biased'.
  15. HEY.

    Do you watch all our tv? Like the local ITV etc? Why do you frequent these forums? Maybe you think the BBC is impartial compared to what you have?