BBC Mans Secret Vids Of Sex With Presenters


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Thank God he only did the BBC swamp donkeys. Had he shagged Kate Tits or Emma Legs off of GMTV, the 7.05 to Heaven via my right wrist would have to be cancelled.
A BBC radio producer who secretly filmed himself having sex with five different women, including TV and radio presenters, has been jailed for eight months
FFS I could have burgled my neighbours house, knocked them around the kitchen, and then stamped on their kittens, and got away with a caution.
The bastard deserves at least eight years hard labour, for not releasing the film to the general public for them to be truly shocked and appalled at his crimes.

A victim impact statement made by one of the women was read to the court.
She said it left her "feeling violated, dirty and sick after she found out what he had done."
Did he use rophynol? Me thinks he needs to spend less time polishing his knob, and start practising some serious bedroom gymnastics.

Although, saying that, in a couple of months, tossing a salad should provide no problem.
JoeCivvie said:
What was the actual offfence he was sent down for?
That is what I was thinking - these women were all consenting, as I understand it he didn't publicise these DVD's

Sounds like 8 months for revenge. Either there is more to this or IMO this is a real miscarriage of justice.

As another Arrser said - time to scrap the home made grot or you could be doing time :twisted:

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