BBC Licence fee hypocrisy?

A brief history of radio and TV licensing in Australia. It started in 1923 for radio and 1957 for TV and was ended by the Whitlam Government in 1974. For once, nobody complained about that decision.
However Australia does have Public Service Broadcasters who are directly funded by the Government (taxpayer) instead of indirectly via a compulsory(-ish) licence fee.
Here is an idea. Adopt a vetertan and sponsor their TV licence. It's an approach that works for Dogstrust and WWF, so why not us?

Why don't we set up a register of Veterans and War Widows over 75 who want to have a free TV licence and don't get Pension Credit. We then write to every TV executive, celebrity, presenter, pundit, actors/stars who appear on TV. All channels, not just BBC, remember you need a licence to watch ITV etc too. They can then pay the veteran's TV licence for them. Remember, they all benefit from the licence fee, or the premium on the product that pays for TV advertising, the hidden "Over 50's pension plan" and "Stairlift Tax".

Let's use the thing that we, the veteran community have, and celebrities crave. Respect, authenticity and integrity. We could give them a logo to put on their facebook/website etc. "I've sponsored a veteran, aren't I good!" They'd love it. These people spend more money on spray tans than the cost of an old person's TV licence, they can afford it. I bet you politicians would jump on the bandwagon too.

We could then shame those who don't on social media. Let's make it socially unacceptable to make money from TV and not give something back to the faithful audience, particularly those who fought wars to allow them to carry out their trade.

What do people think?
I think you're not thinking big enough.

For every £100k of their obscenely bloated salaries they sponsor 10 veterans. They can easily afford it.


Almost every day there is a BBC article on the webiste about LBGT* and it is almost like propaganda, same as the BME articles. BBC is heavily biased in that direction.

Only think worth keeping at BBC is Test Match Special.

*I know lettuce bacon and tomato but what is G?
Guacamole or dog snot perhaps?


The tax payers did decide, 52% (who responded) agreed with removing the over 75s licence fee

(Note that it’s no longer taxpayers who fill the gap on the over 75 licence fees. The government already stopped funding the free licence)
I must have missed that referendum!
Watching the BBC is an exercise in masochistic mental cruelty. TV channels with adverts a close second. Not having made the jump to streaming I watch occasional films and box sets on Bluray or DVD. Ordinary broadcasts? Nothing of interest.

I used to listen on Radio 2 during my commute and after Wogan only enjoyed it when Evans was taking one of his many days off. The evening commute now is silence - the new vouce is horrible. Didn't like Jeremy Whine on BFBS and can't understand how he managed to get a national slot.

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