BBC Launches Arabic TV Channel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. The BBC announced the commencement of its new service to the Arab region.

    "We are encouraged that independent research consistently shows an appetite for a BBC Arabic television channel," Nigel Chapman, the director of BBC World Service, said in a statement. The main reason people give is quite simple -- it is because they believe the BBC will provide an independent news service they could trust."

    In true BBC fashion it also said…….. “This service will be funded by the British Government.”

    ……..errrr, shome mishtake shurely? I always thought the BBC was funded by UK licence payers. :?
  2. Nope, BBC World Service is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  3. So for "UK licence payers" read UK tax payers.

    All the same and still a waste of my money.
  4. .....a part of the government who get their dosh from the tax payer/license fee payer. Quid pro quo.

    "The BBC also announced that once the channel is fully subscribed, it will move to the BBC1 slot. Marjory Slavertits said "We intend to revamp scheduling to include 'Eastern Enders', 'Have I got Jihad for you' and Imman Who'. Its what the majority of public want and we will give it to them".
  5. Well they will have some competition, no matter who funds it. Al Jazeera claims 40 million viewers a day. So if the BBC Arabic service wants to compete perhaps they will have tp show the odd be-heading of a hostage now and then,,,,,,,keeps the viewers in that part of the world rivetted to their screens. Doncherknow?
  6. I thought the BBC WAS an Arabic Channel.
  7. Wrong, some of the money to fund the channel is coming from UK government grants, hence 'The Tax Payer'
  8. FCO or government grants, it is still the Tax Payer.

    Where do you think the FCO get their money from?
  9. Outraged!

  10. Drug deals in Central America/Afghanistan. Selling small children to slave traders.

    Opps. I've said too mu.........
  11. They're really quite roomy aren't they, the boots in blacked out Range Rovers :p

    I find using a bag of ganja for pillow quite comfy. A small child for the mattress and you're away.
  12. ....Flash! Flash! Speak to me .......I heard a gunshot mid sentence. You OK?

    Interesting that the BBC tried this earlier with a Saudi partner.....but the Saudis pulled out and most of the staff.....went to Al Jazeera. Nothing to do with impartiality or the truth of course..but you can't blame the Beeb for that. But now that the UK Gobment has promised 25 Million of UK tax payers money per year perhaps this time it will be a success. When the sums reach 100 million a year,,,,,,,send me a postcard.
  13. 25 million??? You have got to be shitting me?

    One question. Why do the BBC feel they need to produce/fund/run a flip flop channel?
  14. me. Maybe because they want, jobs for the boys, put the gobments viewpoint, educate the wogs???? Tick the box which suits best.
  15. That Islamic propaganda they showed yesterday as part of the "white season" must have been their first program.