BBC Last Night of the Proms 2008!

Is anybody else watching the Last Night on BBC and wondering what the hell is going on???

Where is the traditional music?
More to the point, WHAT THE FCUK was that guy doing with a FCUKING IRISH TRICOLOUR on his right sleeve???

He's standing up there singing "Britannia rules the waves" while wearing the flag of a nation which refused British vessels access to it's ports during WW2.

An insult and a disgrace.
Thanks for your reply.

I've been watching Last night for years and this is the most disgusting performance I have ever seen.

Isn't it strange, in March NuLabour minister Margaret Hodge said it needed dumming down.

And this is what we got. Some joker for a conductor and the most out of place rendition of Rule B.
Ah, yes, but:

Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free,
How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?
Wider still, and wider, shall thy bounds be set;
God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet!

And they are kicking Jerusalem off. I've had several beers and am welling up.
And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountain green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen?
And did the countenance divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among those dark satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold!
Bring me my arrows of desire!
Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire!
I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land.

Ha!!! Suck on that, Johnny Foreigner!

And here's the Nation Anthem! Less whinging, more standing up!!
And there is an enormous Union Flag projected on the back wall.

Sometimes people on here are just looking for a reason to be outraged.

And the way I look at Bryn wearing a ticolour is as a subtle attempt to re-colonise.
Listen to how unorganised it is. The worst I've ever seen it. 15 minutes over due. a Leftist anti-tradition conductor.

Rule Britannia is supposed to be an integrated piece of music with a build up from the sea shanties!

I didn't hear anyone singing about Marshal Wade either......

oh well, maybe next year.

oh and BBC 3 'listen live' thing on the internet refused to let me listen to it.
Jesus, no wonder the Country is in the state it's in with you miserable sods about the place.

It's 15 mins over time. Or, conversely, there are 15 mins more of entertainment. They slipped the news for it - they never do that.

The conductor wasn't wearing a tailcoat. Hardly a Stalinist bid for power.

Every year the Mail readers whine about the fact that the proms is some sort of lefty plot. The way you people are moaning you'd think they had culminated with "The Red Flag" played on a sitar whilst a lesbian social worker wiped her hoop on a photo of the Queen.

Several parks around the country packed with people waving the Union Flag and singing Land of Hope and Glory? It's hardly a dinner party at Polly Toynbee's house, is it?
How was it different this year?

It never ends on time (because of the encores), and the news always slips, as does Match of the Day. I've been watching it for the last, what, 27 years, and I can never recall it running to time. It ran nearer to time this year because the conductor decided that the music was more important than his speech, which was shorter than most.

It always has some non-traditional stuff at the start of Part 2 when it shifts to BBC1. (At least it wasn't that Harrison Birtwhistle sh1t this year)

It then goes into the traditional stuff, overruns, and ends with the National Anthem.

I don't see how it differed from normal years bar the length of the conductor's speech?
SauceDoctor said:
More to the point, WHAT THE FCUK was that guy doing with a FCUKING IRISH TRICOLOUR on his right sleeve???

He's standing up there singing "Britannia rules the waves" while wearing the flag of a nation which refused British vessels access to it's ports during WW2.

An insult and a disgrace.
Just about every flag under the sun is on display if you look closer.

In fact foreign flag-waving has become rather a Last Night tradition in itself.

Apparently the Krauts have a particular fascination....
SauceDoctor said:
More to the point, WHAT THE FCUK was that guy doing with a FCUKING IRISH TRICOLOUR on his right sleeve???

He's standing up there singing "Britannia rules the waves" while wearing the flag of a nation which refused British vessels access to it's ports during WW2.

An insult and a disgrace.
Might he be Irish?

Can an Irishman today not be proud of his country, even though it committed towdry acts in the past?

If not, should I stop being proud of my country?
For just about the first time in his life Clive 'so smug even other barristers think he's smug' Anderson was right. Only the BBC dare bugger about with a winning formula.

The interview with the woman described as one of our brightest young composers followed by a performance of her piece 'Rhapsody on Urine extraction' was appalling. When the choir said 'Shhhhhhhhhh' I didn't know iwhether it was part of the performance or a mass attempt to criticise the crap they were asked to take part in.

And then to mess about with the Fantasia on British sea songs, so they could 'include' the parties in the park.

Total disappointment if you are a traditionalist. The (marketing) idea of having parallel performances in the regions was a start on the downward path. That tripe of uniting them as one was dire in the extreme; it was dissonant anyway and nothing to do with what the Proms stands for. Only thing remotely good about it was to see once more a gathering of untinged faces although I did see one who had wormed her way onto the platform. Nice to see people illustrate fervour and support of a idea without death threats and flag burning accompanied by mlaaar dancing.
I only spotted one face of a darker tinge in the audience (good looking bird) but the BBC felt obliged to show at least three lingering close-ups of her. I don't care what the colour balance of the audience is, but I object to the BBC constantly trying to ram social engineering down our throats. (In this case - through our eyes)
Well, jumping on the indignation bandwagon - I am appalled that the programme wasn't in black and white. In fact, many people paid good money to attend; how dare the BBC broadcast it to people for nothing more than the licence fee?

Whilst I am one to enjoy a good "disgusted of Gloucestershire" as much as the next man, people are really getting a bit worked up. Huge amounts of Union Flags, Jerusalem, Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory - this wasn’t an attempt to oust the Royal Family or recruit for Al Qaeda. A black woman in the crowd!!! Good God!! Tunes in a different order to last year? Anarchy! A leftist conductor? What the hell does that mean? Did his conducting hide a subliminal message to today's youth to embrace the teachings of Marx?

And it over ran!!! Again!!! Those accursed pinkoes at the BBC!

Chaps - there is a war on. We are under threat from terrorists. Radical Islam is preaching in Mosques in our country. Returning soldiers are snubbed. Save your indignation for real targets. You'll get ulcers if you fret over this. The vast majority of people in the Hall and the Parks (parks!! How dare they open up a popular event to more people!!) were there for the patriotic songs and the flag waving - most won't watch the rest of the proms, they like patriotic stuff, no dull classical music. In the big scheme of things this is one of the last moments when we can air our patriotism in such a manner - don't knock it.
I think some of you are missing sauce's point above re the Irish tricolour. It's not a problem that the Irish tricolour is being waved at the proms (as there are many nationalities represented). The problem is that it was part of Bryn Terfel's outfit that was clearly meant to contain the flags of the UK. The Irish tricolour is the flag of the Republic of Ireland.

It's about time that people educated themselves that the four countries that comprise the United Kingdom are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland has nothing to do with the UK. The name is a bit of a giveaway. REPUBLIC. It has been an independent state for almost 100 years. A bit of basic research would've told Bryn that Northern Ireland has it's own flag - a cross of St George with a five pointed star and red hand in the middle. If Bryn's outfit had contained the English, Scottish, Welsh and French or German flags I'm pretty sure people would wonder what was going on. So I'd suggest the inclusion of the flag of the Irish Republic can only be put down to complete ignorance.

N.B: Bryn Terfel is Welsh NOT Irish so that's not, as someone suggested above, the reason for the tricolour.
A year ago, wasn't it Jowell who was whinging that the whole event was too jingoistic and "non-inclusive"(whatever that means!).
We could only listen to the Last Night, this year, but the whole thing, to me, was a wonderful example of the Beeb (for once) elevating a digit and inviting NuLiabour ministers to rotate on it.
I did not watch it thankfully. The whole thing is hideously white middle class and music-ist. It is blatantly non-inclusive and embarrassingly anachronistic. I am outraged. Next year should see the whole business integrated with The Notting Hill carnival, so we can all enjoy the galleries at the RAH festooned with lavishly-attired homosexuals and colonial types banging drums and honking horns in a true multi-cultural celebration of diversity.

Hopefully by that time the Trooping of the Colour will be (quite rightly) scrapped as a waste of money, and HMS Victory will become a gay-lesbo-TG needles exchange workshop for the Portsmouth communi'i - with ramp access for mongs naturally.

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