BBC Last Night Ipswich Unemployed followed by a Programme on Landlords

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. The unemployed working with their mentors went rather better than I was expecting.

    Then the Landlords programme seemed pretty informative. The difficulty of getting out a tenant. The landlords living in rented and going into rent arrears to keep paying the BTL mortage keeping a free roof over the head of their tenant who never paid a penny of rent. That tenant was £15,000 in arrears by the time possession was finally gained. Then the property damage could be seen.

    So the couple owning that house were looking at say 7 grand of damage and 15 grand of arrears. Pretty much the average loss on a skipping tenant.

    The damage left at the two repossessed houses was pretty light compared to our experience. I have had one where two dogs had been left tied in a backyard which was flooding from drain water as the tenants had blocked the drain. In the garden was stagnant rainwater festering in abandoned used cat litter boxes. House needed two flea treatments after we had ripped out all cat faeces ingrained carpets and so on. We tried to help people down on their luck. They make all the promises. they move into an immaculate house. When they move in we have already stocked the fridge to give them a start. Then the trouble starts. they steal rent until you could get it direct off council (the thing IDS is ending). And at every hands turn they go to the public sector parasites in the Council Housing Advisory Service. They live like vermin. For those of you who saw the programme and the damage left. isn't it criminal damage ? Yes it is but police won't record it. If the tenants do a runner and nick the whole fitted kitchen the police won't record it as a crime.

    The only way to be for a private landlord is like the beggar who was the Houses in Multiple Occupation Landlord in the programme. And even he was standing for £1500 of rent arrears from HMO tenants.

    Then the future. The ASBO man ? Housed straight off by the letting agency ? Vulnerable they can still get his rent paid direct to them from benefits. There is the reality of the benefits reforms then. The ASBOs get priority because the letting agent can be sure of getting rent paid.

    But all in all the BBC did OK last night.
  2. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Do you ever actually think your points through before you post?

    I had to read it three times to try and take an educated guess at what you're getting at. "Ipswich" in the title kind of relates your post to that area - but no - it's just a passing comment on the programme you watched before and has nothing to do with the main point of your post.

    Now you move onto landlords (the programme that was on later on BBC1 which I unfortunately missed).

    To sum up your post simpler here's what I've got:

    "I watched a programme last night about difficulties facing landlords. Some have found themselves getting nightmare tenants who are difficult to evict on occasion. Doesn't happen to everyone otherwise landlords and the whole rental market wouldn't exist - but hey, it made good TV.

    Some landlords themselves are in financial difficulty, and when they themselves live in rented accommodation, they can find themselves also in difficulty due to voids in their own properties, and have to prioritise their BTL mortgage over paying their own rent. Doesn't happen to everyone otherwise landlords and the whole rental market wouldn't exist - but hey, it made good TV.

    In short, I watched TV last night and realised some people are worse off, but that's life..."

    Does that sum it up a little better?
  3. Surely replacing the whole post with one word would have sufficed, that word is WIBBLE.
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  4. Each time you post,I end up in a six hour que at A&E,to stop the massive hemorrhaging to my eyes.
  5. My heart bleeds for BTL landlords.
  6. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    It is not the prolific, money-spinning, greed attracting business it's made out to be. Sure it has it's demons - people charging excessive amounts of rent and squeezing every last drop out of tenants stupid enough to live in the properties they own; but that's no different to the demons in society elsewhere - you will always get that select few that take the piss in all walks of life.

  7. [​IMG]

    Oh I dunno, some of them have a very endearing way of dealing with their untermensch tenants.
  8. I was amazed that some of those cupboards qualified as been fit for human habitation
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  9. Hey that would make good tv:p

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  10. I kinda got what you are saying and would like to add that the benefits agency should pay the landlord direct which would save a lot of problems.
    As for damage to property, thats not easy to deal with, maybe the councils can rent them then sub let them and be held responsible for damage, they can claw losses back at 50p a week for the next 70 years of the tenants benefits.

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  11. Simple budgeting etc with weekly/monthly income. I live in a Housing Association flat, and always make sure that I have enough cash each month to cover rent and Council Tax. At the age of 60 something, I have no wish to become homeless due to non payment of rent. As has been stated, there are many tenants who take advantage of non-payments of rent etc, then after 6 months, move on to another private landlord or public sector housing landlord.

    Years ago, I live in a share house of multiple occupancy when I first move to where I am now. There were a number of tenant renting a bedroom who spent their income/benefits on ciggies and booze before paying the rent with rubber cheques. Most of the tenants whilst I was a resident were honet folks who paid their monthly rent cheques on time. It was just the rotten few who either couldn't budget, or who took advantage of things. Twats.
  12. Not far off. The main man featured on that programme was brought up in a children's home but could just as easily have been the spawn of any of his or Rachmann's peer group. Called himself the "multiple occupancy house daddy" and charges others £000s to learn the trade too.

    He concentrated soley on the bottom feeders of society and was doing very well out of it by cramming the maximum bodies in every property at around £95pw per "room". A room seemed to often mean half a room with a partitionm wall to cut the window in half. He was taking £000s a week in Housing Benefit across over 100 properties.

    The tenants were indeed generally untermensch but while people rightly vilify them as scroungers with no hope of ever being useful he was probably one of the most Housing Benefit dependant people in this country. Impossible to have any sympathy for either side. Interesting insight into how the other half exist though.

    The other landlords were generally get rich twonks that had cocked up and lost £000s.

    The happiest bloke was the one being paid to conduct repossessions.
  13. The BLTdaddy was even more scummy than his tenants and didnt give a rats arse about the state of his "studio" rooms.
    Health and safety could have easily shut most of his properties down as I would guess they are unfit for living conditions.

    And the cheeky bugger charged an extra 15 quid for extras like a kitchen and washing area which he claimed wasnt in the tenants agreement but 20 seconds later said hw provides them.??

    Felt sorry for the young lass with cancer but the rest I wouldn't haven't pissed on if they where on fire.

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  14. Mine doesn't for BTL Bananas........................

    I suppose it keeps him away from the bigger issues like the price of milk, so that's ok.