BBC knuckles wrapped over pro-islam website

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Good to see that someone has finally spoken out about all the pandering towards the islamic faith. The beeb should be an impartial organisation and make it clear that all religions are based on belief and not on any solid evidence.

  2. Its the modern British way to suppress our core beliefs and bend over backwards to prove how hip we are to all cultures. :roll:

    I wouldn't say I'm the most devout believer of Christianity, however I do generally follow the faith, principals and teachings.

    To change your religious point of view to pander to anyone from a differing faith is wrong, informed debate is one thing blatent toadying is something else. It's right up there with the old statement "I'm not racist but you people............."

    The BBC as a representative of Britain throughout the world should either maintain the Christian principals of a Christian nation, or present the views of multi-cultural Britain without passion or predjudice to any one religion.

    To suddenly flip-flop about on religion only goes to underline the position of religious extremists globally that we're all Godless unbelievers.
  3. The problem being that a delegation showing false pictures to enrage the population will get through to more people than the Western Media's messages of

    "Sorry! Didn't realise you were going to take it personally! But hey we only meant it as a joke!"

    Obviously the media didn't like the wars underway around the world at the moment so they thought they'd start their own. :?

    Watch Channel 4 for the reality TV program "How we started World War 3"
  4. Since when did Islamic Law apply in non-Islamic countries?????

    Since when did non-muslims become subject to Sharia in a country that does not recognise Sharia as the law of the Land?

    Since when did a non-muslim (and by definition, an non believer in Islam) have to moderate their behaviour to suit Islamic tastes????

    Have I gone to sleep and woke to find that I live in the Islamic Republic of GB & NI??????????

  5. not quite - but we certainly seem to be working on it unfortunately.
  6. except the religion that i started that was based clearly on the fact that a bottle of absinthe will get u well and truly pissed.

    the religion had lapdancers, wars and 'coversions' (primarily of kebabs and alcohol to chunder)